Obama outhouse July 4 parade float provokes cries of racism

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A float in this year’s annual Fourth of July parade in Norfolk, Nebraska, is like no other parade float in the city of 24,000 or anywhere in America.
Hunter Woodall reports for World-Herald that float No. 29 depicted an outhouse on a flatbed trailer pulled by a blue pickup truck. Both the float and the truck were decorated with miniature American flags.
The outhouse is labeled the “Obama Presidential Library.”
Obama outhouse parade floatStanding outside the outhouse was a zombie figure dressed in overalls, with greenish head and hands pressed against the sides of his head.
Neither the float nor the pickup identified a sponsor. The only identifying sign was in the windshield saying the float was entry No. 29 in the parade contest.
The Obama outhouse float has provoked outraged cries of racism [Yawn], as well as praise.

Glory KathurimaSource of pic: KMTV

Norfolk resident Glory Kathurima said she attended the parade with her 9-year-old daughter. As a black woman living in Norfolk, Kathurima said she found the float to be an offensive depiction of the president, and seemed to be calling the president stupid. She said the message of the float is clear: “I don’t like Obama.”
So Kathurima emailed Norfolk Mayor Sue Fuchtman, the Norfolk Area Chamber of Commerce, the Norfolk Daily News, and the Norfolk Odd Fellows Lodge that coordinated the parade to voice her disapproval.
The World-Herald also received several emails from people expressing concern. One email, from a person who said she had grown up in northeast Nebraska, called it disrespectful that such a display would be allowed in a parade that celebrates America’s history. The Nebraska Democratic Party also issued a statement, calling it one of the “worst shows of racism and disrespect for the office of the presidency that Nebraska has ever seen.”
Norfolk City Councilman Dick Pfeil also voiced his displeasure with the float: “The City of Norfolk doesn’t condone that.” But he noted, however, that it was up to the Odd Fellows to approve the floats.
Liz Guthrie of Pierce, Nebraska, took a photo of the float that has been widely circulated on social media. From where she watched the parade, Guthrie said she could hear the crowd laughing and clapping as the float passed by.
Parade committee member Rick Konopasek told the Lincoln Journal-Star that the float wasn’t meant to be any more offensive than a political cartoon. He also said the outhouse float was the most popular one in the parade, and the three judges awarded it an honorable mention.
“It’s obvious the majority of the community liked it,” Konopasek said. “So should we deny the 95% of those that liked it their rights, just for the 5% of people who are upset?”
Way to go, Norfolk!Godzilla gif
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0 responses to “Obama outhouse July 4 parade float provokes cries of racism

  1. It’s religious persecution to demand that I approve of the first beast of Revelation. When someone tries to trump the race of that beast over my religious freedom in fully rejecting him… people are fascists trying to suppress my religious freedom. Me a racist? NO! You’re a fascist if you try to force me to approve of Obama.. and play the race card.

  2. Leeann Springer

    An outhouse seems logical for any pos. Leeann

  3. Criticism of a black person = racist now apparently…Yawn, you’re right.

  4. Outhouse! Maybe this is the architectural model for his presidential library!

  5. We join our applause and cheering of the float with that of the parade spectators

  6. It’s only “racist” for those who don’t like it…

  7. Well Obama has gone from a bath house to an out house. Personally I feel he’s come up in the world considerably.

  8. That is absolutely hilarious! 😀
    And I’ll just bet Glory couldn’t define “racism” correctly if her life depended on it.

  9. “Well, Obama has gone from a bath house to an outhouse. Personally, I feel he’s come up in the world considerably.”
    ABSOLUTELY spot on & hilarious! I’m w/ya, swampygirl!

  10. This is terrible, just terrible! It probably damaged someone’s self esteem!

  11. So after lying and trying to destroy President Bush’s military career, doggin him at every turn And putting a look alike head on a pike, these panty waists have the nerve to cry foul? Oh give me a break.

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  13. LOL – Looks like Glory Kathurima found her way to this site.

  14. From the article:
    “It’s obvious the majority of the community liked it,” Konopasek said. “So should we deny the 95% of those that liked it their rights, just for the 5% of people who are upset?”
    I’m reminded of an old Libertarian saying:
    “Free speech is offensive speech.”

  15. It is sad that a parade celebrating our country’s independence has to feature a “float” of this kind. Great civic pride Norfolk, but make sure you prevent LGBTQ from gaining entry. That would be to extreme. Maybe over the next few years we can feature “America’s Greatest Shames” floats. Torturing prisoners. Breaking treaties with Native Americans. Denial of basic rights to citizens. Lack of aftercare for our military veterans. So many great options. On the bright side it was nice to see the wonderful, patriotic citizens of Norfolk who enjoyed the float later on looking for books in the outhouse. It might have been the first one some of them ever read. “To have a right to do a thing is not at all the same as to be right in doing it.” – G.K.Chesterton (Oh wait, he was from England)

    • It is sad that instead of making an effort to understand why some of your fellow Americans in Norfolk feel so alienated from their government that they exercized their First Amendment right to free speech via an Obama outhouse float in a parade, you choose the route of insult and gratuitous hyperbole. You must be happy with Obama’s sorry record of an anemic economy that’s going into recession, unprecedented numbers of Americans on food stamps, a country bitterly divided on race and politics, and a foreign policy of fomenting upheavals in the Middle East in the name of “Arab Spring” while doing nothing about China’s increasingly aggressive posturings in the South China Sea.

    • I thought dissent was patriotic? At least that’s what proggies use to claim before their savior Obama…


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