Obama on gun violence: "Enough is Enough"

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The murder of Tyshawn Lee, a 9-year-old boy murdered in an alley in Chiraq. What did Obama have to say about this act of gun violence? Nada. A shooting in Chiraq every 2 hours and 54 minutes? Nada from Obama.  There’s very strict gun control laws in Chiraq.

Tyshawn Lee/CBS video screen shot photo

Tyshawn Lee/CBS video screen shot photo

A record homicide rate in Baltimore this year. Nada from Obama. The Constitution of Maryland contains no provision protecting the right for individuals to keep and bear arms. 
A shooting at a Planned Parenthood facility with no known motive (at the time I write this post*)? Obama denounces gun violence.
Obama makes gun gesture

Never let a crisis, that suits your narrative, go to waste.

Via Yahoo: US President Barack Obama denounced the country’s epidemic of gun violence on Saturday and renewed a call for tougher controls on military-style weapons after yet another deadly shooting, saying “enough is enough.”

Obama said the suspect had been armed with an assault weapon — that was the first official word of this detail — and he also disclosed for the first time that the man had held hostages at the Planned Parenthood center from which he opened fire at people outside in an hours long standoff with police.

We have to do something about the easy accessibility of weapons of war on our streets to people who have no business wielding them. Period. Enough is enough,” Obama said in a statement.

Notice the Alinsky tactics used in his words: “tougher controls on military-style weapons”, “armed with an assault weapon”, and “easy accessibility of weapons of war”. I don’t need to spell out the intentional misrepresentation of his words. If I do, then you are a liberal.
Seems that the progressive media machine has set out to follow Obama’s narrative as well. Check out the headlines below that followed the shooting.

Colorado shooter Robert Dear

Colorado shooter Robert Dear

MintPressNews: “White Americans Are The Biggest Terror Threat In The United States.”
Vox: “Police described the suspect as a stocky, bearded white male wearing a trench coat. He was reportedly armed with a “long gun.” The FBI warned of threats to reproductive health facilities this past September, in the wake of graphic sting videos that purported to show Planned Parenthood selling fetal body parts for profit.”
The Guardian: “Colorado Springs: a playground for pro-life, pro-gun evangelical Christians“.
HuffPo: “Terror in Colorado”. “Police have yet to determine a motive for the attack, but Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers said that people can make “inferences from where it took place…The town also has a big evangelical presence, partly due to an economic development effort to bring Christian missionaries there in the 1980s, according to PBS.”
Slate: “Anti-Abortion Terrorism Must Be Stopped.” “As news continues to unfold about Friday’s Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado Springs, one thing is clear: Domestic terrorism remains unchecked, even on the day after Thanksgiving.”
The Guardian: “Our culture and laws enabled the Colorado shooter, whatever his motive.”
crisis go to waste
*As of 6:30 last night, Wesley Lowery of the Washington Post was tweeting that after surrendering to police, Dear was heard to say, “No more baby parts,” an obvious reference to the series of undercover Planned Parenthood videos released by the Center for Medical Progress.
That doesn’t change the fact that the above statements/reports were made before a motive was known (if indeed this WaPo tweet is true). Nor does it change the fact that Obama can’t be bothered to acknowledge gun violence that is rampant in cities with strict gun control.

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0 responses to “Obama on gun violence: "Enough is Enough"

  1. Has anybody ever noticed the whacked out look in the eyes in these events of the so-called perp ? Reminds me of the movie ” Telephon ” . MK-Ultra material .
    How convenient , an older white male wearing a trenchcoat . Didn’t the weasels at Colinbine wear trenchcoats also ?
    As far as his b.s. with ” military style weapons ” goes . I guess the soldiers sidearm is also a military style weapon .

  2. Here comes the next attempt to disarm the population.

  3. So far,the only description I’VE seen of the weapon was “a long gun”,which is typically a rifle or shotgun. The AR and AK would likely be referred to by the drive by media as “assault weapons”.

  4. My mind is in a quandary . . . every weekend there are shootings/murders which go on in Chicago; yet our President says nothing. Now we have three murders at a Planned Parenthood facility and the President’s panties are all in a bunch, and he says, “Enough!” Does our President support the “Black Lives Matter movement.” If so, why didn’t he become fed up long ago with the loss of black lives in Chicago? I am extremely sorry for the loss of life of the policeman in this event; as for the others (I haven’t for sure seen who they may be) but if they are involved in the killing of innocent victims . . . All I can say is Sh%t Happens! If you are involved in the “baby body parts” industry,” somehow I think of the scripture . . . “you live by the sword, you die by the sword.” People who are involved in this heinous trade may come to an early demise, after all” What goes around, comes around!”

  5. Here is a President who fetes Planned Parenthood (AKA Murder, Inc.) and says, “God Bless You” to them, remains as quiet as a churchmouse after all of Chicago’s gun murders, and then turns a crazed shooter’s spree at one of that same organization’s aborttoir’s into an ALINSKYITE ideological rant.
    Barack Obama is a British/Sabbatean-Frankist mind-controlled agent who reflects, in a direct manner, their moral inversion and their street-punk sneering cynicism. Here is a man who never held a real job, a blue-collar job, whose entire life is a fraud, who has made a mis-en-scene theatrical production of presenting himself as something he is not for his entire public life. He believes in nothing but his own comfort, and seems to be in a deliberate flight from anything resembling meaning or significance.
    Yes, the man is a dangerous and deliberate pathological narcissist, and, upon reflection, seems to resemble Gog—that Gog of Gog & Magog. When his British and Sabbatean-Frankist handlers are done with him, then they will dispose of him. I won’t shed a single tear, and, despite their efforts to portray him as a martyr, most other people won’t, either. And that day cannot come soon enough.
    I am waiting for the blue-helmeted UN troops to sweep across America and seize her guns. Gov. Cuomo in New York will welcome them and make some B.S. pronouncement, Gov. Christie in New Jersey will hem and haw and play both sides of the fence, and there will be much cackling. But as those UN troops move Westward, they will be actively confronted by real men, of real militias, AND THEY WILL LOSE. Obama’s handlers know and fear this, and that’s why they haven’t done it yet. So here we are in a state of deadlock, and it looks we will have to wait until Obama grows very old before he exits, stage left.

  6. Dear Leader has also said this:
    “If they [Republicans] bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun;” a statement Obama used to threaten Republican lawmakers who question his judicial nominees and political appointments.
    and this:
    “… I always talk about how one of the main incentives for my running again was continuing Secret Service protection to have men with guns around at all times…” -Barack Obama to Barbara Walters, in an interview on Nightline, aired Dec 26, 2012
    So Obama does not seem to be anti-gun after all. He just knows how long he would survive in public life without such protection. That makes him a coward as well as a hypocrite.
    “Do not be fooled by a belief that progressives, leftists hate guns. Oh, no, they do not. What they hate is guns in the hands of those who are not marching in lock step of their ideology. They hate guns in the hands of those who think for themselves and do not obey without question. They hate guns in those whom they have slated for a bullet to the back of the ear. There are few things to admire about the socialist, bankrupt and culturally degenerating USA, but at least so far, one thing remains: the right to bear arms and use deadly force to defend one’s self and possessions.”
    -Russian blogger Stanislav Mishin

  7. He was right on schedule, before the names, real location, motive or any facts were even known. Two of the victim names were withheld for 2 days. Normally, the people are fed the facts much sooner than this.
    A beautiful pregnant white woman was raped and killed in her own home, by a black man with a stolen gun, and we hear nothing.
    We hear nothing of the shootings in Chicago, including a beautiful 9 yo boy, and nothing.
    The picking and choosing of when to attack gun owners is telling. The people have caught on, he says nothing of the shootings in Chicago, since,they are not legal gun owners and most operate with stolen arms.

    • My posts don’t seem to be very popular on this blog for some reason, so I will exit with this reply to you, glenn, for an excellent observation:
      ‘Stories about the killings of African-American men by police officers (or by a “neighborhood watch captain,” in Trayvon Martin’s case) are all “stories of choice.” They are plucked from a nearly endless supply of sad events that occur daily in a nation of 315 million, and are promoted because they further a political narrative. An unholy alliance of activists and newspaper reporters and editors tries to distort our perception of reality by giving undue emphasis to them. Then, of course, reality begins to catch up with perception, and we have riots, murders of police officers, and so on. But understand that the decision to promote these stories, in preference to others that are equally or more newsworthy, is a choice that is consciously made by people with a political agenda.’ -Powerline’s John Hinderaker


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