Obama not Suited for Politics

Astrologer: Birth Shows Obama Suited for PR, Not Politics

NewsMax.com today had a famous astrologer share her thoughts on President Obama and stated he’s more suited for public relations. Maxine Taylor told Newsmax exclusively that the date, time and place of Obama’s birth shows the Commander-in-Chief “has a need to be needed.”
Taylor, former on-air astrologer for CNN, looked at Obama’s chart after the President gave in to pressure to release his Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth which shows he was born at 7.24 pm on Aug 4, 1961 in Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital on Oahu.
Taylor said that if Obama had approached her and asked her for career advice, she would have suggested PR. “He would have been a great public relations person,” said the Atlanta-based astrologer. “He would be a very good spokesperson for whatever it is he believes in.”
Taylor, who insists she is strictly non-political, has been studying politicians’ charts for 40 years. She says she was frightened at the time of the last election because Obama’s chart suggested “death and rebirth,” at the same time that then-vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden’s chart showed a major upswing in his fortunes. “I was worried that that meant we were going to lose him and Biden was going to be president,” she said. But her prediction was realized when Madelyn Dunham, the grandmother who had largely raised Obama, died on the eve of the election.
Now Taylor says that Obama’s chart shows something big happening in mid-August. “Expect the unexpected, the unpredictable, even the outrageous from him between Aug. 16-19.”
Taylor said Obama, a Leo with Aquarius Ascendant, “is a natural leader, but he needs to do something where he feels he is needed.” She added that he also likes to work behind the scenes.
Another sign that he might not be the best fit for the White House? “Leos love to have fun and enjoy themselves,” said Taylor. “I don’t see the presidency as much fun.” “He likes to stick to his guns,” she added. “He can compromise but only if it leads to something that really resounds with him and he can believe in the ultimate outcome.”
Wish he would have gone into PR instead of the White House.

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Obama, like most politicians of both political stripes, isn’t suited for picking the dingleberries from my dog Oliver’s behind.
BTW: Oliver is a schnoodle who might weigh 14 lbs soaking wet.