Obama Needed 2 Teleprompters for 3-min. Speech

For professionals accustomed to public-speaking, delivering a 3-minute speech is no big deal. In fact, the real difficulty is to confine oneself to only 3 minutes. LOL
2 years 8 months into his presidency, the smartest man in the world still can’t speak for 3 paltry minutes without using TWO teleprompters.
Yesterday, August 29, 2011, Obama required two heavy-duty teleprompters for his three-minute speech nominating Alan Krueger to serve as chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers.

August 29, 2011

“I am very pleased to appoint Alan and I look forward to working with him,” Obama said, staring at the large, flat-screen monitor to his right, then shifting his eyes to the teleprompter on his left. “I have nothing but confidence in Alan as he takes on this important role as one of the leaders of my economic team.”
Obama didn’t let his nominee speak. Instead, Krueger stood silently to the right as Obama spoke read from the two teleprompters. A professor at Princeton University, Krueger had served two years in the U.S. Treasury Department under Obama and was chief economic adviser for the Labor Department during the Clinton administration.
Still doubt Skippy is a puppet? The question is who’s the puppeteer?
H/t Patriot Action Network.

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Clifton Lee West

The puppeteer for Barack Obama, the puppet, could be Valerie Jarrett, George Soros and a number of honchos throughout the Liberal/Progressive world. Rest assured, there is a conglomeration standing in front of you everytime you watch something Obama is doing or saying or jesturing, because he is the front for most of the socialist activity going on in our nation right now.

Joseph E Fasciani

First of all folks, what we have here is crony capitalist fascism, not socialism, although the terms are bandied about as equivalents, and are equally vile. But the big question is: “Why two teleprompters?”
Here’s my guess: one is L brain, the other R brain…. Steve will help me out on this, I’m sure!


I imagine that two teleprompters is mostly about having an extra one there in case one breaks down ; and “The Powers That Be ” certainly wouldn’t want their puppet to be standing up there displaying the possibility that he doesn’t have a clue as to why he is there ! (??) And perhaps he insisted on the back up teleprompter…lol Who knows ? Aferall, it’s hard to memorize that much when you have your one track mind on your next golf game. And besides , if he looks from the right to the left, it looks more natural to… Read more »