Obama names open homosexual to be Secretary of Army

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Morale of our military service members is already at an all-time low.
This will surely help. Not!

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0 responses to “Obama names open homosexual to be Secretary of Army

  1. Obama’s definition of “proven experience” and “exceptional leadership” certainly is different than mine. But hey, at least he’s got another “first” for his legacy.

    • “There is no doubt he (Obama) is intent on emasculating the military and will fire anyone who disagrees with him.” -retired Army Major General Patrick Brady

  2. Well, given that he/she/it has already outed itself, at least he/she/it won’t be a target for blackmail.

  3. LOL – Am I the only one that is struggling not to refer to this guy as Eric Fanny?
    Yeah, I know. I’m a horrible human being. 😉

  4. Progressive Leftist, gay, Beltway politico.. it’d be like having Dan Savage in the job.

  5. Give him a lift in a MTVR and let Jennifer drive.

  6. Clearly the fluoride in our drinking water has paralyzed the brain. Society is blissfully ignorant to the vicious attack on gender currently being waged by the cultural Marixt who govern us, control our media and academia. To affirm that men and women are different is considered prejudice and “sexism.” Even the dignity of separate bathrooms is challenged. Every day, heterosexuals are immersed in a toxic bath of lesbianism, homosexuality, transgenderism, obscenity, pedophilia and sexual promiscuity designed to transform them and society. Now even the military which was the last refuge of manhood is being transformed into a den of iniquity.
    minority will be successful in imposing their agenda.

    • I get your meaning, LAH, but the military is NOT the last refuge of manhood, being that there are many, many excellent and qualified woman in our military who hold breath-takingly responsible positions in our defense…BUT, perhaps what you mean is….we think of our military personnel as the LAST REFUGE of our moral and ethical collective culture, especially when they represent the United States of America to us, and extra-especially as a moral and ethical leader in the world.

  7. Now I guess they’ll come up with a whole new list of medals to award to their ‘special forces’ soldiers/soldierettes….
    The Bronze Anus
    The Purple Penis
    The Medal of Dishonor
    The Bad Conduct Medal
    The Undistinguished Flying Cross-Dresser Medal
    This ain’t yer father’s Army!

  8. How long until he wants to change the color of the uniforms to purple,so they won’t clash with his shoes?

  9. The honor of our military is already besmirched by its tolerance of a fraud and foreign infiltrator acting as commander and chief. I would hope such an act as this would convince our military leaders that decadence and humiliation is the intent of this fraud, and incite them to take the action against this regime that has been long over due.
    Only the ignorant, liars, or cowards, will refer to obama as president.

  10. I can hear other countries laughing their rears off now. What little iota of respect we had left, is gone. All according to plan.

  11. I hate obama and everything about him and I’m pretty sure that I despise his supporters, too. When the Lord’s wrath is poured out I want a ringside seat so I can watch him get his due.

  12. WOW!! Butt F….. Secretary of the Army.Obama’s boy friend no doubt.

  13. …but has he actually served in the U.S. Armed Forces? We need a constitutional amendment which requires the president (as Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces; any senior Secretaries (such as Fanning); and any member of the Armed Services Committee in Congress to have actually served HONORABLY in one of the four branches of the U.S. military. They need not have seen combat, but that would be a definite plus, as no one knows the decisions that have to be made on the battlefield better than a combat troop.
    My two cents.

    • Great post. If the young are being asked to go to war, they should be asked by someone who has already been in one and knows only too well the sacrifice that is coming – not some armchair general.

  14. A Tail Gunner gets promoted to Sexcretary of the Army

  15. Obama is hell bent to destroy the American military which is already below pre-WW2 levels. Probably wants to make things easier for ISIS, etc.

  16. black is white and up is down. the new normal…or so they want to impose. Pray hard and keep your heads and hearts right. Hate is never an answer. Many are just plain confused, messed up hormonenly (is that even a word?), and the media is trying to keep it that way. Talk to your children and listen to them. And get rid of your tv and restrict the computer. Porn is the gateway to all this perversion (Judith Reisman).


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