Obama Mocks the Bible

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Barack Obama, then junior U.S. senator from Illinois, on June 28, 2006:

Still think Barack Hussein Obama is a Christian, as he claims to be — a man who did not even go to church on Christmas Day, 2009?
H/t my kind and righteous friend, Bill O.

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9 responses to “Obama Mocks the Bible

  1. How DARE this Muslim preach to me about what is in the Bible!!!! This is unbelievable. He makes me sick.

  2. Ready…to…hurl! Obviously Rev Wright didn’t preach from the Bible. Cannot express my disdain without major cursing…

    • No DCG, he certainly did not. He, Barry and Thunder Thighs are ALL about Black Liberation Theology.

  3. He certainly has a hidden agenda, christian or not. Maybe undermining america’s safety for future interest? Who knows.
    Mr. Obama tries to give a message of blissful ignorance towards the Bible’s readings to gain trust and clearly to be protagonized as loyal to his “faith” which he’s not, he’s the complete opposite. This man spent 5 years in indonesia, mind you… most populated MUSLIM country in the world. Ages 6-10… I am not proud to say the president of the country I am residing in wasn’t even raised here his whole life.
    are you trying to tell me I’ve spent more years of my life in America than Barrack Obama?
    seems a bit farfetched to me; yet, its true. To furtherly dig his ego, his school was radical, teaching children the most fundamental form of Islam… hmm.

  4. The more I read and hear about Obama, the more speechless I become that so many people ignored sooooo much to vote him into office.

  5. I want you to go to Google and bring up;
    “Communist Goals 1963”
    What you’ll find is not Obama’s thoughts but a specfic plan that he’s following ( by the numbers, by the rules) to “Transform” America. Many already suspect it, but think it’s his plan.
    Please, don’t get too angery

    • Joe,
      Thanks for the recommendation, but we’re ahead of you. Look at the Blogroll of Fellowship of the Minds (on the right side of the screen). “45 Communist Goals for America” is the second one.

  6. Joe,
    There is an article out by WAYNE ALLYN ROOT. this is a guy who says he was in school with Obama. He claims Obama is following a scripted path . I haven’t read the article completely. If you go to my website–it’s listed here on this blog, (Ron’s website) and then click on Ron’s Blog you will find the article. It’s quite good and informative. however, I have not had the time to read clear through it. The article is on my blog as (‘Deliberate Destruction.)

  7. Doc’s Wife,
    You know this idiot hasn’t read the Bible…he hasn’t even read the Bill of Rights…Osloba is the king of fools.


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