Obama MIA at historic March for Unity in Paris

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On Sunday, Jan. 11, 2015, a rally for unity and against the jihadists’ killing of Charlie Hebdo cartoonists drew 1.5 million people in Paris and more than twice that nationwide.
Paris March Jan. 11, 2015

Leading the Paris procession were world leaders, including François Hollande of France, Angela Merkel of Germany, David Cameron of Great Britain, Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority, King Abdullah II of Jordan (a direct descendant of Islam’s prophet Mohammed), Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov of Russia, and the leaders of Mali and Turkey.

As CNN’s Jake Tapper noted:

“The United States, which considers itself to be the most important nation in the world [and a member of NATO], was not represented in this march — arguably one of the most important public demonstrations in Europe in the last generation — except by U.S. Ambassador Jane Hartley, who may have been a few rows back. I didn’t see her.”

Tapper admitted that “as an American: I was ashamed.”

Not to worry.

Rebel Yankee has located Obama!

Paris March

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0 responses to “Obama MIA at historic March for Unity in Paris

  1. Someone had their head buried somewhere! It is outrageous that we did not have a top person representing the US. This is exactly why other nations hate us! This is an instance of acting like some friggin’ smug pig.

  2. Who was goosing him, the guy standing behind him?
    Barry is saying
    “Is that a ICBM in your pants or are you just happy to see me?”
    Hey waaaait a minute… Are you sure that wasn’t Photoshopped?

  3. This act, of not going to France, by Obama and Holder should prove beyond any doubt that they are both muslim/islamist and support the terriorism of the so-called religion of peace, love and beheadings. They think they can play both ends against the middle and survive. They need to remember what Hitler did to the Brown Shirts, after he had used them his purposes he then had them killed. The same will happen with Obama, Holdern and the others. You cannot walk in the world of mulsim/islamist/terriorism and also walk in the world of western culture. The one will think you did not do enough to further the cause of allah and the other will eventually declare you a traitor. May the Lord have mercy.

  4. I suspect the president was too busy with his friends in the Muslim Brotherhood plotting the next acts of jihad, to waste time on a European day trip.

  5. A) It was not a fundraiser, and B) he would not have been the center of attention.

  6. Muslims aren’t going to show up at a rally to support those that have “insulted the prophet.”
    And he isn’t going to be sending representatives, either.

  7. Was Obama threatened? And if so, by whom? There’s something going on we’re not privy to right now.

  8. After Paris Watch for #Progressive Globalist Elite Super-State. Eurozone Caliphate.  

  9. Is there any doubt anymore about our “leaders?”
    WE didn’t know what Obama or Holder were doing when our 9/11 unfolded with the blood and guts of 3,000 Americans ….and untold anguish of their families and the nation were raw & upon the TV screens of the world. They were yet but fledgling politicians…”community organizers,” sitting in Reverand Wright’s church on Sunday (for example) & not yet in the national headlights or even CONSIDERED or CONSIDERABLE for any kind of national leadership role. They did not share this with us…nor have either come out to share this with us subsequently in any national communication.
    BUT WE NOW DO KNOW what they were doing when this unfolded in France…and when the rest of the world/world leaders observed with reverence and resolve the deaths of these innocents (the attack upon the free world, the attack upon the freedom of speech, freedom of the press…freedom of expression…..et al ) at the hands of radical Islamist Jihadists bent upon mass murder.
    What they were doing amounted to a mass of ZERO. And—worse…it was caught and recorded on the world stage…not just late night US “comedy” shows.
    Sometimes silence is the LOUDEST answer of ALL.

  10. When the truth finally comes out about this false ops, the US people will likely still not ‘get it’. I am stumped; what will it take to awaken We the People is beyond my understanding.

  11. That pompous porch monkey suffers from such an overinflated ego complex, he feels he is above dirtying himself with mere white mortal issues, he, his inner circle and the likes of kanye west.
    I was having lunch at my local senior center (old folks hangout) and the topic was why our beloved lord and savior barak Obama is not doing anything and did not show up in France as US support.
    I replied, “of course he won’t, he and mooschell hate America and everything the West stands for. He’s a muslim and member of the islam brotherhood. You would think elderly white folks would be conservative, awake and aware.
    I almost caused a riot, two o0ld women were swooning with high drams ‘oooooh I have never heard such horrible talk about our beloved president. One old guy lunged across the table at me “why you unpatriotic scum, you have unspeakably insulted OUR president! he is the BEST president this country has ever seen.” <amazing how thorough the brainwashing is
    After the feathers settled I calmly responded, "he may be your president but he's never been mine. Just curious are you a veteran, because if you are he has pissed on all of us.
    I was asked to leave as I ruffled too many feathers, but one of the elderly ladies leaned over and whispered to me "you're preaching to the choir here, he's demon possessed
    And the sheep wonder why so many in the world hate us, not because of our imaginary freedom

  12. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this important post. Just like St. Thomas More’s silence whilst he was in the Tower very loud and clear, so is the king’s silence also very loud and clear, and his non-appearance at this important event most noteworthy.

  13. Interesting photos. But, I just heard (on talk radio) that the world leaders were photographed on a side street, that was closed to the public, not at the head of the thousands of people….. Evidently, a photograph taken by someone (in an elevated position….. perhaps a window or rooftop) shows the small group of ‘leaders’ with perhaps a couple hundred people behind them, to make it appear that they were leading the huge assemblage.
    Anyone here seen that other photo anywhere? If so, it would ‘blow the cover’ off the deceit….


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