Obama, Media Salivate Over Latest Romney Soundbite

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“I’m not concerned about the very poor…”
Now that Mitt Romney has given the media and Obama a new soundbite(along with the “I like being able to fire people”), he has also given them ammunition to use not only against himself, but against other candidates as well.
Now we know that what he has said was taken out of context, but that will not matter in what will unmistakenly be the biggest mudslinging bonanza of an election ever and with the media securely in Obama’s pocket the last thing we need is for our candidates to be feeding them a regular diet of soundbites that they can use against us and secure a victory for Obama and the defeat and destruction of our country
~Tom in NC

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0 responses to “Obama, Media Salivate Over Latest Romney Soundbite

  1. How does he do that without blowing his face off, given how much time his foot spends in his mouth?

  2. Actually, the more relaxed Willard becomes about his frontrunner status, the more of these gaffs he makes. It was clear that he had to catch himself and add that part about the poor having a safety net. What this points out to me is that A) last Saturday, 1/28/2012, Willard gaffed that when he cuts spending he is going to use the money to pay for Obamacare. Was that really a gaff, seeing that now he gaffs about the poor, but then preaches their safety net? He doesn’t plan to repeal Obamacare. He knew all along that him on the republican ticket would mean low voter turnout by GOP conservatives, e.g. less congressional seats taken. That’s why he started his campaign with, “I will issue an executive order to end Obamacare.” He knows that with him on the ticket there won’t be enough seats in both houses to defeat Obamacare. Now that he has been allowed to waffle from “executive order” to “repeal,” everyone will forget his first claim that he’ll use executive order, if and when a repeal never happens, and he’ll do just like Obama and blame his “do nothing congress.” I see another Bush Sr. on the rise, another one term republican, if even that.

  3. Hard to say who is the bigger gaff master… naah, BO far surpasses them all, and some of his are unforgivable… and IMO, blatantly said, only to play it off – as if we weren’t listening, or he was sincerely sorry to have said it, Not.

  4. Better go out and buy a case of K-Y because we are in for 10 months of this, then the real screwing begins.

  5. Ann Coulter has been endorsing Romney for quite some time now, as well !! I just don’t understand ! Are these people really real ?? Sometimes I feel like I am living in The Twilight Zone with a bunch of programmed robots. It’s down right scary !


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