Obama making sure military feels the pain

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First they suspended tuition assistance programs for our troops and then Marine Corps Commandant James Amos said the military will be “cut into bone” due to sequestration cuts. Now potentially more bad news for our troops.

JBLM troops could lose their jobs due to sequestration cuts

KIRO News: Officers at Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM) have been briefed on what the sequestration means for the base. Troops could lose their jobs due to the budget cuts, and that’s just the start.
Officials told KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Alexandra Limon that they believe they can get through the budget cuts while maintaining the best military possible, but it’s going to require sacrifices.
“During the course of the sequestration, we will definitely feel the sting,” said Sgt. Major Bryan Battaglia. Battaglia is a top adviser to the chairman of the joint chiefs. He was at the meeting at JBLM to explain how the sequestration will affect troops.
“Probably one effect of sequestration will be the increase in numbers of soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, Coast Guard men, will have to leave our force,” said Battaglia. While some personnel cuts were planned and others will happen through attrition, many troops will essentially be laid off, including soldiers and airmen from JBLM.
“You have to separate yourself from your peers. You have to not just strike to meet the minimum standard. You have to strive for excellence,” said CSM John Troxell.
Flight training, for example, along with other training, will also be hurt because it is expensive. “There are other ways to train without actually flying an airplane, (such as) the use of simulators,” said CMSGT. Gordon Drake.
One important thing to note is that if a unit from JBLM is going overseas, they will receive all the full training needed.
Tuition assistance is suspended indefinitely, and active member of the military will no longer get $4,500 a year for their college education. “You just have to remind the service members that it’s not an entitlement, like how pay and compensation really is,” said Battaglia.
The military will still offer free exams for college credit, and the G.I. bill for veterans will not be cut.
Going to require sacrifices? As if giving your life to serve our country wasn’t enough. Our military personnel deserve so much better!

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  1. Of course O is expecting his private army to cover his arse. What a jerk. This was all part of his plan to bring us to our kness until we beg for the government to take care of us. I wonder if he gave thought to what happens when he destroys all the working people and there is no money coming in.

  2. Beverly Burlingham

    <<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> YET they do studies on why Lesbians are fat . ETC I would like to know if Michelle has looked at her self walking away from the camera or mirror.
    DCG posted: ” First they suspended tuition assistance programs for our troops and then Marine Corps Commandant James Amos said the military will be “cut into bone” due to sequestration cuts. Now potentially more bad news for our troops. JBLM troops could lose thei”

  3. We are an active duty military family, just a couple of years away from retirement. It is difficult to see these changes. I read an article where some “journalist” spoke about our lavish compensation and upgraded housing. This is a joke. It’s an insult. We, as an officer family, live in 1200 square feet duplex with cabinets from te 1950s and cracks in the walls and around the doors. It’s convenient to live in on-post housing, and the housing surrounding the base is sub par as well, and rent around military installations some how skyrockets. How do you calculate compensation for missed years, missed birthdays, missed anniversaries, funeral planning before you put your spouse on an airplane to a foreign country? Being away from family, moving frequently, never really “belonging”? We knew that with democrats in office, military gutting would ensue- history has proven this.

  4. What do you expect from a Marxist , bouquets ?

  5. I’m sick of Obama. Lets make our country defenseless then give weapons and money to other countries how is that the least bit smart?

  6. TRUE!! My husband was informed today that he will be forced to retire in April.. “due to his health” the interesting part- he now has no issues, and the ones he had were due to oversea injuries. Needless to say we are not feeling the love!

  7. I DO NOT want them to get depressed. I want them to be angry…VERY ANGRY.
    You can’t do anything positive with depression. Sometimes depression is anger turned in on self. It has no value to anyone. Turn it into anger and do something constructive.

  8. Just goes to show how much the progressives/libtards hate the military while they hide behind them… Had a front row seat for this under the peanut humper jimmy carter…


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