Obama making sure military feel the pain, and the public too

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Army outreach cut by sequestration

US Army:  Aerial demonstrations have been halted. Army band performances and the Army Birthday Ball are canceled. Communities across America are seeing less of the United States Army because of sequestration. The across-the-board budget cuts are drastically impacting a very visible mission of the Army, engaging and interacting with the American people.
The Army has a wide range of community outreach activities that support recruiting goals and tell the service’s story to the nation, from showcasing aerial precision with spectacular flyovers and parachute jumps to the world-class musical performances of the United States Army Field Band.
For the most part, these activities are being put on hold, although officials said some public performances and outreach events may be approved by special exceptions, depending on circumstances.  Aerial demonstrations, including flyovers, jump team demonstrations, and participation in civilian airshows and military open houses, will cease as of April 1.
The Golden Knights, the Army Parachute Team that has been thrilling crowds for decades, will not be performing public demonstrations for the remainder of the fiscal year.  The Knights were scheduled to perform 70 shows before a projected audience of 3.5 million people across the United States, said Matt Leas, the chief of Marketing Integration with the Army Marketing and Research Group.
“While it is unclear when the demonstrations will resume, the Golden Knights will continue training to maintain required credentials and certification to ensure the team is ready for future opportunities to showcase their capabilities to the American people,” he said in a statement.  “The Golden Knights mission is to maintain the Army’s connection with the American people and they look forward to resuming that role in the future,” said Leas.
The Army Field Band, the musical ambassadors and the premier touring musical representative of the Army, was forced to cancel its spring tour that would have taken it to communities throughout the southeast United States for 139 performances in April and May.
The cancellation is a big disappointment for the Soldiers who have practiced for months and the communities that were preparing for and excited about the concerts, said Army Field Band spokesman Jonathan Agee.  He said planning for the tour began about a year in advance and involves sponsors in the local communities who have already spent money for advertising and to secure venues.
“The response has been a mix of understanding, most people are aware of the sequestration measures that are in place right now, and extreme disappointment because the communities look forward to this,” said Agee. He said Soldiers are seeking other ways to fulfill their musical mission. The Army Field Band, based at Fort Meade, can still perform in the commuting area and is looking to increase its local outreach.
The musicians are also considering doing virtual clinics for schools, which would allow them to interact with the public without incurring any costs.  Agee said they are hopeful Congress will reach a deal, allowing the band to go on its summer tour, which would begin in late June.
“We not only are out there telling the Army story to the American public, but we’re also engaging schools,” Agee said. “Most concerts we invite the top bands people in the area from the local high schools up on stage to perform a piece with us. It’s a pretty big event for a lot of people and the disappointment has been running deep.”
The Army’s Birthday, which is celebrated throughout the country each year with a series of events in June, has seen funding for the festivities slashed. Department of the Army headquarters has canceled its much-anticipated Army Birthday Ball for this year. In previous years, the ball has brought together Army leadership, Soldiers, wounded warriors, veterans and military supporters for an evening of dining, music and socializing.
Other birthday events will continue, such as cake-cutting at the Pentagon and a Twilight Tattoo ceremony the evening before. There will still be an Army run at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, Va., and a wreath-laying at Arlington National Cemetery.
Other areas impacted by the sequester include military participation in events abroad and civilian monetary awards. The Army has suspended tuition assistance for Soldiers, and Army civilian employees are set to be furloughed one day a week beginning the last week of April.
Making sure our military “feel the pain“. Elections have consequences.

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0 responses to “Obama making sure military feel the pain, and the public too

  1. I hate to say it, but these cuts are better than taking ammo away from our military. We asked for cuts and we are getting them. We should not complain about these cuts.

    • ron,
      I’ll stop complaining as soon as Obama, Biden, Congress, and White House staff with their 6-figures salaries all take pay cuts.

    • Ron, Obama has already told the Marines to cut down on shooting their guns. I spent about 20 min and found over 300 Billion in waste and fraud, and that was only the tip.
      The bases here are running on air, making us very vulnerable for attacks.
      There should be no more foreign aid, let them hate us for free. The aid doesn’t get to those in need, only the greedy leaders.
      The WH has multiple dog sitters making over 100,000 per year.
      There is a full service secret service protection for Jarrett, who isn’t even an elected official.
      When Obama takes AF1 anywhere, there fe actually 3-6 jets going on the trip, costing us much more than we are being told.
      Some of the things I found were:
      15 Billion in empty government buildings
      3.3 million in a Alaskan tour boat
      505,000 for pet Beauty products
      97,000 for an Oregon floating outhouse for fishing
      27 million for Moroccan Pottery classes, they have been making pottery for 2000 years.
      15 million to provide Russian Nuclear scientist jobs, in Russia
      761,000 for a NH brewery
      50-80 billion in food stamp fraud
      2.6 million to train Chinese Prostitutes to drink responsibly
      239,000 to study Internet love
      13,500 for one dinner for the USPO at Ruth Chris
      216,000 study if politicians gain or lose votes due to their position
      1.8 million for museum of neon light
      2 billion for farmers to not farm
      45 billion in unspent funds in one dept.
      Don’t forget the missing funds from the banks, 6 trillion and from the stimulus about half.
      640,000 for beef jerky
      450,000 for an empty airport in OK, one fight a month
      325,000 for a robotic squirrel
      115.3 billion for fraud and waste in Medicare and Medicaid and unemployment.
      55 jobs programs that are unproven
      24 million to staff 130 workers for selective service, when we no longer have a draft
      750,000 for a new soccer field at Gitmo
      16-20 million to help students from Indonesia get their masters
      175,587 to see if cocaine makes Japanese Quails engage is sexy behavior
      200,000 for tattoo removal in Mission Hills, Ca.
      500 million to Dept of H and S to see why 5 year olds won’t sit still in kindergarten
      4.6 billion to bail our Fannie Mae, again.
      4.6 billion yo Pakistani farmers to
      Reduce more mangoes
      And on and on, still think our military should be the ones suffering?

    • Tell that to our guys in the sand box, getting rocketed every day. They aren’t even allowed to carry live ammo due to Obama’s ROE. I’ll quit complaining when our soldiers are given the FULL respect and monetary support they deserve for sacrificing their lives for our freedoms.

    • Cuts? Only to make sure we feel the pain. Spending is not down in Obama’s big government.
      “The federal fiscal year begins on Oct. 1 and runs through Sept. 30. In the first five months of fiscal 2012 (October through February), according to the Monthly Treasury Statement, total federal spending was approximately $1,473,999,000,000.00. In the first five months of fiscal 2013, total federal spending was $1,504,547,000,000.00. Thus, federal spending was $30,548,000,000.00 more in the first five months of fiscal 2013 than it was during the first five months of fiscal 2012. The federal government is also spending at a much faster pace this year than it did before President Barack Obama took office.”

  2. Obama is despicable!! This is outrageous!!

  3. Relax, come utopia the DHS will be singing the Internationale in front of the camp gates (next to the incinerator) on Obummer Day. And you’ll sing too if you know what’s good for you…

  4. As a Christian I am not suppose to hate, I can’t hate, I can’t hate, Lord help me…I HATE him! But it’s okay to hate the devil….but he is a person, but he is possessed by the devil isn’t he? Lord take away this hate and forgive me but I do hate him.

  5. O’Bomba, Holder, Feinstein, Holder and Gov. Deal of GA are a collection of horse’s asses!


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