Obama makes history…

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Skipply has plenty of firsts….just not the kind our country needs.

Obama’s List of Historic Firsts

Doug Ross has compiled a very comprehensive list of Skippy’s historic achievements.  Among them:

If you can stomach more, see the complete list here.
Hope the sheeple that elected this fool are proud.  Just think what he can accomplish if he is re-elected…

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0 responses to “Obama makes history…

  1. What a list. Groan….
    I hope this first will be added to the list: “First President to be successfully impeached and removed from office”!

  2. First president to receive a Nobel Prize for absolutely no reason.

  3. Psychopath. Serial Beast.

  4. …and the Congress that fails to impeach him are violating THEIR oath of office to defend the Constitution and likewise swept from office…

  5. You think OB is bad. Thank your lucky stars you are not ruled by a bunch of people who have betrayed us to Europe and killed off our identity.

  6. Attention John Boehner!
    Are you reading this?


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