Obama Makes Fun of "Birthers"

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At the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner on Saturday, May 1, Obama poked fun at “birthers” — the derisive name given by the MSM to Americans who question whether the Punk is a “natural born citizen,” which the Constitution specifies is one of the necessary criteria for the U.S. President.
On the subject of the few things in life harder to find and more important to keep than love, Obama quipped, “Well, love and a birth certificate.” He then joked, “I happen to know that my approval ratings are still very high in the country of my birth.” Actually, the joke’s on him because his approval ratings are tanking in the United States but he is riding high in Kenya!
Classy as always, Obama then took aim at Jay Leno, the comedian headlining the dinner, saying the talk-show host was “the only person whose ratings fell more than mine.” The Punk also made fun of Republicans. Although his poll numbers are down, he said, he hears he’s popular on Twitter and Facebook, “or as Sarah Palin calls it, the socialized media.” 
Leno gave as good as he took, saying Obama isn’t as aloof as some critics claim — “He loves to socialize — health care, car companies….”
Hardy har har.
Go ahead, yuck it up, punk. Just remember that a March 24, 2010 Harris Poll found that 25% of Americans believe you weren’t born in the United States. So when you make fun of “birthers,” you’re mocking one out of every four Americans.
We the People eventally will get the truth of your murky birth and all those other things you’re concealing — your passports, your college transcripts, your Selective Service registration, whether you actually attended Columbia University, who paid for your expensive tuition at Occidental College, Columbia U., and Harvard Law….

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0 responses to “Obama Makes Fun of "Birthers"

  1. this is really like a bad nightmare! I want an explanation from the GOP why? they haven’t removed him on ineligibility yet-and the long list of unconstitutional activities-It’s like he is just going as far as he can with this until someone busts him wide open-which is near.

  2. I think eventual evidence will show that Obama was not a natural born citizen. I believe history will show he was and is an Islamic fundamentalist bordering on the side of the terrorists. History tells us that Mohammed killed plundered and raped in the name of his god and that the Muslim religion surreptitiously condones that sort of behavior. In deference to the Muslims, so too the Jewish religion in the old testament. The Jews were told by their god to go into the cities of the philistines and kill every last individual. They were to leave no one alive, not even the children. So historically, the Muslim god and the Jewish god seem to be in agreement when it comes to us infidels. The Jews however, brought forth a new covenant with Joshua. The infidels were to be considered a grafted on part of the flock, if they accepted Christ as their savior…A close look at the Muslim religion and you will find the same thing. If you turn your life over to Allah you are no longer an infidel. The difference is–the Jews no longer kill infidels in the name of their god–but the Muslims still do. Obama is a Muslim so he still intends to either convert us or kill us.

  3. Obama’s jokes were lame.
    Jon Stewart’s people wrote them, which explains why.


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