Obama, Lovechild of Saul Alinsky

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Michael Walsh has a good article in the National Review of October 18, 2011, warning us that the Occupy Wall Street movement is “the Full Alinsky, brought to you by the same malcontents who have been awaiting this moment for more than 40 years. It’s been a long time wandering in the desert for the Sixties Left, but this is their moment, this is their time, as somebody or other from Punahou once said.”

Saul Alinsky

Walsh goes on to narrate his encounter with “the Great Man himself” in the fall of 1967 when Alinsky was doing his “community organizing” in Rochester, N.Y.  “His target was the Eastman Kodak Co., and his human battering rams were members of the city’s black community, which had exploded in a riot in 1964. In the wake of the unrest, Rochester was already visibly on the slide when Alinsky got there, whipsawing both the black neighborhoods…and the useful idiots of the Rochester Area Council of Churches to hack away at the city’s then-prosperous business community and its WASPy leadership.”
Walsh points out Alinsky’s tactics:

“Alinsky rode into town on a one-trick pony that the Left has since turned into its warhorse: Agitate one side’s grievances, and appeal to another side’s decency and gullibility in order to provoke the establishment, whose reaction will unite the other two. Then the community organizer charges in on his nag-turned-steed and proceeds to set the rot in motion under the banner of ‘progress’.

Alinsky dedicated his book, Rules for Radicals, to Lucifer

It is the very devil’s work, and Alinsky certainly made a splendid devil: unctuous and whiny at the same time, and always casting himself as the real, heroic victim standing for progress, when in fact he was a particularly nasty, cowardly kind of cultural vandal.

[…] Setting the template, Alinsky ‘organized’ a front group called FIGHT (the martial imagery so beloved of the peaceful and tolerant Left always makes me laugh) — Freedom, Integration, God, Honor, Today — and then induced guilt-ridden white liberals to join the ‘Friends of FIGHT’ to finance the scam; the reference to ‘God,’ coming from the man who in part dedicated Rules for Radicals to Lucifer, was a nice touch. 

But the key to Alinskyism is the whipsaw, a constantly shifting ‘moral center’ that can argue both sides of an issue at the same time. Thus Alinsky’s love child, Barack Obama, can boast of being rich and siding with the ‘99%’ simultaneously; attack him as one and he’ll say he’s ‘really’ the other. Just look what the Obama administration is doing now, claiming to suspend the ‘CLASS’ act of Obamacare while the president swears to defend it. Intellectually absurd — but emotionally pitch-perfect: Barry as the eternal outsider, battling dark forces inimical. For Alinsky always needs a villain, even if the villain is Alinskyism itself. But what do you expect from a political philosophy that claims up is really down, in is really out, and black is really white?

Alinskyism forces the Right to always be on defense, shadow-boxing in a hall of mirrors against a foe whose moral turpitude it refuses to credit.

If Alinsky stood for anything, it was, like Lucifer, destruction; the Left’s rage is animated by its lust for demolition, and the sooner the Right stops accepting its pretensions, the quicker the real battle can finally be engaged. […] somebody should turn the tables, and instruct the Right how to use his principles against him. It’s the only way to beat his ghost — and his hate-filled love children.”

So, did Alinsky and his community organizing actually help Rochester?
“Once a glorious monument to hard work and creativity, the city that gave the world Kodak, Xerox, Bausch and Lomb, Ragu spaghetti sauce, Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglass,” Rochester today “is just another post-Alinsky ruin, shorn of its heritage and condemned by its weather. If you want to see the future of America under the shade of Saul Alinsky, Rochester is a good place to start.”
See also my post of May 28, 2011: “Obama’s Mentor Was a Satan-Worshipper, What Does That Make Obama?”

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0 responses to “Obama, Lovechild of Saul Alinsky

  1. I don’t care what anyone says; Obama was chosen very early in life by some very radical people to be propped up and guided into all his positions in life, he is the ultimate political puppet!

  2. Not to mention ol’ Alinsky stole his Lucifer half-witicism from Joe Stalin…
    “God is on your side? Is He a Conservative? The Devil’s on my side, he’s a good Communist.” –Joseph Stalin
    And, also, a strangely appropriate guote from Russel Crowe’s character Sid 6.7 from the movie of the same name… I’ll let you figure out about and from whom it would be appropriate:
    “Which god would that be? The one who created you? Or the one who created me? You see, in your world, the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh, but in my world, the one who gave me life doesn’t have any balls.”

  3. Oh yeah…BO readily refers to Alinsky tactics and has named him as a sort of mentor with common ideals! Ugh…

  4. When I hear about Alinsky or read what he said/wrote, for some reason this comes to mind…
    He liked wearing raincoats a lot, too…

  5. Sorta like John Wayne Gacy as a babysitter…

  6. They’re all toast.

  7. I have just come across a very informative and much needed posting. (I plead age and not having the computer, let alone skills, for the internet, in 2011.) I first thought of the “Rules for Radicals” comparison to our Constitution and Declaration of Independence as that of some other writings to the Bible. I now hold that view more firmly, but also see “RfR” as a Satanic writing by one thoroughly demonized. Satan has a powerful SS army (Satan’s Soldiers, Slaves, Servants…) running our country and the earth. May our firmness of faith give God the joy He had in watching the faithfulness of His servant Job, and may we know the love of God received by Job. Some of the actual material rewards would be nice, too, but not reason for our faithfulness.
    The posting explains so much about current events. News activities at first seem to have reason for taking place, even when sinful, like lying, thieving, murdering, etc., for personal power, but as times go on, there will be no rational explanation, because the sinners’ activities will be take place because of Satan’s wishes, not those of man. That is complete demon possession.

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  9. In the 80s I went to Cuba for a mission trip in the capital building there is a room with the busts of Washington Jefferson and all the forefathers because they were all rebels against the established power in the center of the room is a large statue of Satan shaking his fist at God Satan was the original rebel that’s castors real hero as is sol alinskis ultimate hero


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