Obama lawyer makes absurd argument against eligibility hearing

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The money quote in this video begins at the 3:03 mark:
“And that’s been the problem from the beginning. No one seems willing to look at the facts of whether someone currently occupying the White House is Constitutionally fit. The Obama team prefers to argue on technical grounds. Why? If Obama can simply provide his eligibility beyond any reasonable doubt, why not just do that? The reason, I venture to say, is he can’t.”

H/t FOTM’s beloved Hardnox!

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0 responses to “Obama lawyer makes absurd argument against eligibility hearing

  1. Actually, Obama’s attorney is grasping at straws to an extreme level of being ridiculous. I hope and pray that the truth will come in this hearing as to Obama’s ineligibility as President. This issue, ab initio, should have been handled and resolved before he was even nominated. Instead, it was ignored. The issue of Obama’s ineligibility IS NOT MOOT by any stretch of the imagination! That is what Obama wants you to conclude. This issue ALONG with his horrific record go together. And, if Judge Lewis does rule against Obama, suits can be filed in other states! Not having Obama on the ballot in November is SIGNIFICANT!


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