Obama knows he’s in trouble in Florida

So nows the time to start buying some votes? Yesterday Frank Luntz said Florida is no longer a swing state.  Luntz told FOX he’d take Florida off swing state list because Romney numbers are so strong there. Knowing Obama’s losing some ground in Florida, what did he do on Friday?

Obama declares 11 Fla. counties disaster areas

Miami Herald: President Obama has declared 11 Florida counties a disaster area for damage sustained during Tropical Storm Isaac. The declaration signed Thursday makes federal funding available to state local governments.

Isaac hit Florida in late August. The Tampa Bay Times reports the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) denied Gov. Rick Scott’s request for funding in September.

FEMA director Craig Fugate, a former director of Florida’s emergency management division, wrote a letter to Scott saying damage was not severe enough to require federal aid, and basically argued that Florida could handle the costs on its own.

Scott moved to appeal the decision. He said the damage was about $10 million worse than originally thought. Damage from Isaac is estimated at 36.6 million. The Times reports it was unclear why the decision was reversed.

The following counties are now eligible for federal funding: Bay, Collier, Escambia, Franklin, Martin, Monroe, Okaloosa, Palm Beach, St. Lucie and Santa Rose counties.

Unclear why the decision was reversed? Could it have something to do with the 29 electoral votes in Florida?

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Dave McMullen
Dave McMullen

@ Anonymous.. Seen this once,can’t stand to watch it again.

Alice Wolf

We should declare the White House as a disaster area and have the occupants to evacuate IMMEDIATELY.