Obama is raiding Medicare to fund Obamacare

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Shovel ready Obamacare

In October 2013, I did a post on thousands of elderly Americans on Medicare’s Advantage program discovering they’d lost their trusted doctors because their HMOs (health maintenance organizations), in a move to trim costs, have fired those physicians. An example is UnitedHealthCare (UHC), which sent thousands of pink slips to Connecticut doctors caring for Medicare Advantage patients.

I wrote in that post:

Why are thousands of Medicare Advantage doctors being fired?

The answer is ObamaCare.

Under Obamacare, federal funding to Medicare Advantage is being reduced by billions of dollars in coming years. Obama said spending on the Advantage program is higher than regular Medicare and is “unsustainable.”

Mark my words: The firing of Medicare Advantage doctors is just the beginning. President Lucifer is gunning for the Advantage program itself, and ultimately all of Medicare.

Just think: What he and the Demonrats really want is the government’s takeover of the health “care” of all Americans via a “single-payer,” i.e. government-run nationalized, healthcare system.

That’s the ultimate goal of Obamacare.

Once this super-sized Obamacare is in place, Medicare would be superfluous and will be jettisoned, if not sooner.

Last week came news that the POS has proposed a 3.55% cut to Medicare’s Advantage program.

Now, Florida Gov. Rick Scott is confirming what we suspect.

Greg Richter reports for Newsmax, Feb. 25, 2014, that, citing proposed cuts in Medicare Advantage plans, Florida Gov. Rick Scott says the Obama administration is raiding Medicare to pay for Obamacare.

In Washington over the weekend for a National Governors Association meeting, Scott said in a press release on Feb. 24:

“We learned last week that Medicare is being raided to pay for Obamacare, which is hurting our seniors, who could lose access to the doctors they liked and were told they could keep. We need to give our seniors a voice and ask the president directly to not pay for Obamacare by raiding Medicare. He has stopped and delayed other broken parts of the healthcare law. He should do the same with this.”

Appearing on Fox News Channel’s “Your World With Neil Cavuto,” Gov. Scott said he’s seen 300,000 Floridians lose health plans they were promised they could keep, and now senior citizens, a significant part of the state’s population, are telling him they can’t find a doctor who accepts Medicare. “It’s totally different from what our citizens were promised,” Scott said.

Cavuto noted that several of Scott’s fellow governors said during the weekend conference that Obamacare isn’t going to be repealed, so it is up to them to find ways to make it work.

Meanwhile, as Oklahoma Republican Sen. Tom Coburn, a medical doctor, points out, enrollment in MEDICAID has increased 1,290% since its inception in 1966, from 4 million to 55.6 million people in 2012. Spending in MEDICAID has increased a whopping 31,212.5%, from $800 million in 1966 to $250.5 billion by 2012.

Medicaid is welfare, but Medicare is not.

Just like Social Security, Americans who work pay into their supposed Medicare benefits via Medicare deductions from our paychecks.

Just like Social Security, the Medicare program is being raided to “re-distribute” the monies to those who don’t work.

To all Americans who are on Medicare:

Just how much longer will you tolerate this?

Until you wake up morning to discover you no longer have Medicare coverage?


Minutes after I published this post, I received an email from Townhall.com that the POS also slashed another part of Medicare — the home health care services:

On January 1, 2014, ObamaCare cut nearly $22 billion from Medicare home health care over four years. That means an estimated 3.5 million poor and ill homebound senior citizens woke up on New Year’s Day to discover that ObamaCare had slashed funding for their home health care program.

Last year, Medicare home health services were delivered to approximately 3.5 million Medicare beneficiaries. According to the federal government’s own data, these seniors are older, poorer and sicker than the Medicare beneficiary population as whole. Many of these seniors also reside in rural communities, where home health care is especially important because other sources of treatment are often located many miles away.    


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0 responses to “Obama is raiding Medicare to fund Obamacare

  1. Death panel policy in action, with more on the way…….culling the herd…..getting rid of the sickest and the most needy first.

  2. Reblogged this on BLOGGING BAD ~ DICK.G: AMERICAN ! and commented:

  3. I remember the “president” saying that sometimes when faced with expensive surgery, it’s better to have grandma take a pill. Now with medication coverage getting spotty, even the pill might be out of reach.

    And think of the convenience for the “president”. This way he can kill off the people who are old enough to remember a better America, leaving him in charge of his nation of perverted, brain-washed young leftists. And if they have no memory of the real America, they will also have been denied knowledge about the 20th century failures of Marxism.

    • Very insightful last paragraph Traildust! The “get’em while they’re young” agenda is very close to completion.

    • Traildust…I remember his comments on this…too…in many venues…one in relation to his OWN grandmother(the one who practically raised him) At that moment,, I KNEW he was capable of “virtual” gas chambers (death panels, care regulated & decided by the government, care rationing …..supression of solutions found by capitalistic system…..discouragement of solutions for “orphan” & low occurrence afflictions , etc etc.) & that his ILK had written the rules for such into the OBAMACARE 2000+ page monstrosity of a bill …..We have SEEN THIS BEFORE….we have fought this back BEFORE ….WE KNOW WHAT THIS IS…..& we know the outcome if we can not defeat/turn back/reclaim our country & our citizenry from this insidious “Black Death.” (no pun intended…so don’t even go there! Among other things…I’ve taught World History through Medieval Times…OK???? This is JUST another PLAGUE visiting us…but this one is manufactured by our OWN GOVERNMENT and people —esp. the elderly “chosen” ones….will die from it right and left…..just as in historic times. )

      • Yes CalGirl, as a history teacher, you have seen this before. Our current “president” is just one more agent of an ancient evil.

        “They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.” – Revelation 12:11

  4. If seniors lose their Medicare benefits because they have been compromised by Obamacare, then it is up to the seniors to take immediate action. What do they have to loose, especially if they know that their demise is imminent and they will suffer a painful existence? They should visit the local offices of Democrat congressmen and senators who voted for Obamacare when the senator or representative is present and be equiped with tar and pillows (filled with down). The rest is up to them.

  5. I’m getting regular mailings from AARP (yes, I’m just into the age group), pushing the advantages for their members. But all I can see is AARP’s steadfast support for both of President Lucifer’s runs for the white house. It makes me wonder if dementia is involved in the membership of AARP.

    • I left AARP when they turned hard left. Of course they will support Obama, he has made it possible for them to reap the rewards of their supplemental insurance people NOW need.

  6. Unfortunately the AARP’s leftist/screw the seniors agenda has remained well hidden to this day. The very mention of that name makes me want to throw up. They are truly a parasitic organization, preying on the old and stabbing them in the back.

  7. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this important post. As we all knew from the beginning, the Unaffordable Care Act is totally unaffordable and will destroy our health system in this country as we know it. And the stealing of funds from Medicare to fund Obamacare is exactly what the king anticipated all along. Of course, it is the most vulnerable, the old and/or disabled people, who should receive care and home care, who are deeply affected. This is criminal.

  8. obama and the entire obamacare situation remind me of the scene from monty python and the holy grail where a man is pulling a cart through the muddy streets calling out bring out the dead bring out your dead. and in obamas logic the man pulling the cart is a job created and the dead may have left job openings.,

  9. If only those dang old people reliably voted Democrat, they’d be getting a fat increase in Medicare…

  10. I,m thinking about making a solar powered paper shredder to put out at the mail box. I was carrying a sharpie when I get the mail and scratching my name off and putting return to sender on these socialist letters. The mail carrier takes them back and I don’t care what they do with them. I’m tired of having to haul them out to the burn pile. Never put anything in the trash at the curb with your identy on it. Never know when the trolls or identy thieves are around. To the governors that think this disaster of lucifer care is so great we will see what you say when you become a senior and lucifer is there trying to force the pill down your throat.

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  12. There was a female Dr. in Denver that stood on the steps of the Capital that had read the complete bill. She said after 70 do not expect mammograms or cancer treatments. Her name escapes me right now, sorry.
    This is not going to end well.


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