Obama Is Offended by This Man

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UPDATE (Mar. 6, 2012):

Steve Bridges was found dead in his apartment on March 3, 2012. An autopsy will be performed to determine cause of death.
A hallmark of American democracy is our irreverence toward authority figures, including the president of the U.S.A. Every serving president has been lampooned, mimiced, and made the butt of every late-night comedian’s jokes. That’s the American way.
Steve Bridges is the comedian who impersonated George Bush on the Jay Leno Show. He has now started imitating Obama in prosthetic makeup and really does it well. In particular, Bridges has totally captured Skippy’s voice and his distinctive speech rhythm.

It is rumored that the White House has tried to put a stop to Bridges’ act because thin-skinned Skippy is deeply offended.
So do your share to keep the Pretender-In-Chief “deeply offended” by passing this around. There might also be some educational content value!  😉

H/t my friend Sol.

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0 responses to “Obama Is Offended by This Man

  1. Superb, and just the thing to pop the Fraud’s ego!

  2. Isn’t he amazing!

  3. Steve Bridges is funny! he has it down pretty good lol.

  4. I think Obama is offended of everything these days,he thinks everyone is racists if they dont go his way.

  5. i think some what steve bridges said as comedy where things obama was thinking of using in one of his upcoming speeches..

  6. I just copied it and emailed it to a bunch of friends and relatives! When the comedians mock him, his policies and his actions, then the world has a chance of recovery. 🙂

  7. oops i think i used the wrong where were were things obama was going to use in a future speech…

  8. haven’t had such a good laugh in ages. So good I nearly Peeed in my pants. Brilliant! Apparently there are two of us in Ireland who haven’t been taken in by Obama. god bless all.

  9. Steve Bridges has done a good job making up to look like Obama, but, for the life of me, I can’t imagine why. Who would want to be taken for that fool? I tune Barack Obama out every time he is on television and I would do the same thing to Mr. Bridges, copying Obama. Since he spoke today, I am doing a lot of muting on FOX right now. If a person would string all of the lies he has told since he took office in January, 2009, they would reach around the world, or at least around the block several times.

  10. He is just a thin skinned african imposter and his wife is an angry black woman, that is angry mostly because barack is GAY!

  11. It is rumored the the writer just made up the “White House tried to stop Bridges’ act” line. Source of the “Rumor” or is is just the usual BS?

  12. steve is dead


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