Obama is NOT ahead in swing states

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Did you wake up to the same alphabet TV news that last week’s Democratic National Convention (DNC) has given the POS a big lead in the polls over Mitt Romney, especially in the swing states?

Well, don’t be depressed because IT IS NOT TRUE!

A more accurate Rasmussen poll shows that the POS is not ahead in the critical swing states, but is neck-to-neck with Romney — which is bad news for the POS because the incumbent president normally should surge in popularity after his party’s convention. Rasmussen polling data are more accurate because they poll likely voters, instead of other polls’ registered voters or, worse still, just U.S. adults.


Breitbart’s William Bigelow reports, Sept. 10, 2012:

Politico’s “Unnamed Sources” say Ohio is lost for Mitt Romney. Like hell it is. They say Obama got a serious bounce from the DNC. Like hell he did.

Whatever bounce Obama got was in the blue states. In the swing states, it’s still way too close to call. Today’s Rasmussen poll results show that in the eleven swing states, including Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin, which total 145 electoral votes, it’s Obama 46% and Romney 45%. In 2008, Obama won these states 53% to 46%.

So how does the MSM try to spin the evidence so Obama looks like he’s unbeatable? Let’s look at Ohio, for example. Politico reported (using uncredited sources, of course), that Ohio is lost for Romney:

“Two officials intimately involved in the GOP campaign said Ohio leans clearly in Obama’s favor now.”

I didn’t know Axelrod and Plouffe were working for Romney, but hey, they’ll go where the money is.

But, as usual, Politico was relying on Obama-leaning polls to support their narrative; yesterday the PPP poll (which is always weighted toward Obama because of PPP’s affiliation with the SEIU) showed Obama up by five in Ohio.  Hmmm. According to the Gravis marketing poll taken last Tuesday, Romney was up three in Ohio. Who’s telling the truth?

Consider these:

Example #1.  On August 14, the PPP poll showed Obama up three in Ohio, while the same day Rasmussen Reports showed Romney and Obama tied.

Example #2: Last Monday PPP showed Obama tied with Romney in North Carolina, while the Elon University/Charlotte Observer poll, a local state poll, showed Romney up by four.

But Politico won’t be denied their mission to say whatever they can to disillusion Romney’s base, and they make no bones about using uncredited sources; as Politico reporter Jonathan Martin said last month when Politico quoted unnamed sources in a story about Republicans unhappy about the selection of Paul Ryan (what?????):

We were candid about the sourcing on that, as you mentioned, Howie, and basically say to our readers, ‘Look, folks don’t want to put their names [on] the charges. If you don’t want to read Politico, that’s fine.’

Every race in the swing states is close right now, and the unconscionable skewing of the polls by the MSM shouldn’t discourage Republicans. The MSM has lied before, they are lying now, and they will lie in the future. The Obama campaign has thrown everything but the kitchen sink at Romney, they have the power of incumbency, and Romney simply is not going away. And all of this is before Romney has even attacked Obama in ads and the debates.

Hey, Dems, this show ain’t even close to over; we’re just getting warmed up.

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0 responses to “Obama is NOT ahead in swing states

  1. darn my state is in the blue and if you wonder why click on the link and read what the morons are saying https://newssun.suntimes.com/opinions/talk/index.html

  2. James L Habermehl

    Outstanding: Maybe my vote for Goode will actually register in the frontal lobes of the GOP Establishment when they look at how close it is/will be in Virginia!

  3. todays comments in the talk of the county not as outrageous as some other days but if you click back into the archives you can get an idea of how out of touch the typical democrat is continually blaming the republicans as the party of the rich and still laying the blame on the economy at bush’s doorstep..

  4. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this excellent post! Rasmussen as you have taught me, is more reliable. We have just begun to fight!!! Wait until the ads come out and the debates take place!!!

  5. I favor throwing the kitchen sink at Romney.

    • Of course you would. That’s because you’re Walter Oren Hecht, previously known as walthe310 — a mentally ill man who claims to be a registered Republican who voted for Obama in 2008 and vows to reelect the POS again this November.

    • Now there’s the solution to our out-of-control government spending, foreign policy relations, and creeping Sharia. Brilliant!

  6. Here in liberal Pacific NW the media is spinning for Obama as welll. Course with the kool-aid drinkers in this area, I won’t be surprised if Skippy does win our state.

  7. Steve,

    That’s what I keep telling people.

    This isn’t the same America that threw Jihad Jimmy out on his arse in 1980.

    Trouble is, nobody seems to want to here it.


  8. Well, you know the media’s favorite motto:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”
    –Joesph Goebbels

  9. Romney needs to really step it up several notches, or he is going to join Dole and McCain on the defeated RINO list.


    • McCain took the high road and got played for a mama’s boy as the better man by the Chicago Values crowd… character is weakness for suckers to left/libtards, and nastiness everything.

  10. Yes the MSM and its minions have conspired to give the election to Obama. by manipulating polling by oversampling …just as Democrats declared that the same said group of pollsters oversampled Republicans in 2004. …If you look at polls in presidential elections after 1972, there is no evidence of bias.Historically, the polls’ predictions of election results has been quite accurate.
    Romney may come back and win this thing, but you are kidding yourself if you think he and his campaign don’t believe the polls.

    • How can there be manipulation yet no evidence of bias?

      This year, more so than 2008, the SRM is in the tank/covering for Obama than ever before. II wouldn’t trust their biased polls one bit.


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