Obama Is a Leninist

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Much has been written and said about Obama being a Marxist. Indeed, he has made known his antipathy toward the so-called “rich,” back in the presidential campaign in October 2008, when he told Joe the Plumber he intends to take the profits of small-business owners and “spread the wealth around” to those with lesser incomes.

Few, however, have called Obama a Leninist. But that is exactly what he is.
On Wednesday, March 3, standing before a team of white-coated “health care professionals” — who, for all we know, may be pretenders from SEIU or ACORN — Obama peremptorily declared the health care debate over. He urged congressional Democrats to push through his proposed healthscare bill, even if doing so may cost them their reëlection. Calling for an “up-or-down” vote, Obama offered to add a few Republican ideas to the $1 trillion bill, but made clear that the time for talk was over:
“Every idea has been put on the table; every argument has been made. So now is the time to make a decision about how to finally reform health care….”

In other words, the much ballyhooed bipartisan healthcare summit he held a week before was mere window dressing. Obama let the Republicans spout off, pretended to listen, didn’t accept or incorporate any of their suggestions, and now he decides “the debate is over”! 
Do you know what this modus operandi is called?
It’s called “democratic centralism” — a distinctive principle of Communist party organization by which members take part in policy discussions and elections at all levels but must follow decisions made at higher levels. Put bluntly, the “democratic” discussions and debates are all show and no substance, designed to give members a false sense of participation. After the phony display of “democracy,” the leader makes his decision without incorporating any of the suggestions of the underlings. Once “the center” has decided “the debate is over,” everyone must fall in lockstep and obey.
Call it Dictatorship With a Smile, but dictatorship nonetheless.
The principle was innovated by Russia’s Bolshevik Party (which was later renamed the Communist Party of the Soviet Union) under the leadership of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. Thus, democratic centralism is also called a Leninist party principle.
Obama is running the United States government like a Communist party. What we have in the White House is a friggin’ Leninist.

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4 responses to “Obama Is a Leninist

  1. The scary thing is that in Communist countries there are no free elections. Wonder what will happen in 2012? I sometimes wonder if they have a guaranteed plan to keep themselves in power. I believe that they do, and we all may be screwed!

    • DW,
      No doubt Obama & his co-conspirators have their plan, but that doesn’t mean we’ll just be supine and meekly succumb. We’ll fight them, tooth and nail, every step of the way!
      I have faith in the American people. I never cease to marvel at how ingenious, creative, and downright clever so many of my co-nationals are. Just look at the political art of people like bkeyser, and the clever people who come up with Obama jokes. Look at what the Tea Party movement has managed to accomplish in just one year!
      If it means we’ll have to fight them with more than blogs, townhall meetings, and peaceful marches, so be it.

      • Eowyn–deep down I do believe that you are right. However, we are dealing w/ thugs who have had long-range plans for decades to change the face of this nation. I am just afraid that they will stop @ nothing to insure that their plans succeed . I don’t think that Barry is actually all that intelligent, but was chosen a long time ago as their representative to deliver change.

  2. We have to get this communist tool out of the White House, and well before January of 2013, too.
    We are at the point where either Obama is impeached, or America is dead.
    There is no more time.


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