Obama impersonator dead at 48

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Four days ago, Andrew Breitbart — who had vowed his release of Obama’s college videos would change the 2012 elections — suddenly died, after he collapsed while “walking near his home” in southern California. His media organization Breitbart.com says it’s from “natural causes,” although the L.A. coroner’s office hasn’t even completed an autopsy.
Now, yet another thorn in the side of Obama was found dead at 48, once again “from natural causes.”
Comic actor and impersonator Steve Bridges, known for his impressions of U.S. presidents, especially — with the help of prosthetics — of Barack Obama, was found dead at his Los Angeles home on Saturday.
It is believed Bridges died of natural causes. An autopsy is scheduled, but the Los Angeles County coroner’s office said foul play was not suspected.
Back in September last year, there was a rumor that the White House had tried to put a stop to Bridges’ Obama impersonation because the thin-skinned fraud was deeply offended by Bridges’ act.

Two men — both thorns in the Fraud’s side; both in their 40s, the prime of their lives — suddenly drop dead. What’s the statistical probability of that? But, even before an autopsy is performed, we are already told they both died “from natural causes”!
Will wonders ever cease….
See also “Was Breitbart’s heart attack an assassination?

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0 responses to “Obama impersonator dead at 48

  1. I’m not going to jump to any conclusions, but it does make one wonder. I hope they do a good autopsy.

  2. At least we know of these two murders. What is tke actual count? How many must die to preserve his image?

  3. Breitbart and now this guy …. both natural causes … right ….

  4. Once again, everything is in the timing. The demise of Breitbart and Bridges is noteworthy and worthy of inquiry and suspicion. Does the dart have anything to do with their demise?

  5. One more death of someone somehow related to Skippy (his doings) and I’m really going to start getting suspicious.

  6. I think everyone’s gut feelings are spot on-amazing how long it’s taking the MSM to report on this.

  7. Exactly. To say “natural causes” without factual evidence makes no sense.

  8. I just hope the coroner looks for a small red dot on their bodies…

  9. Kheta, I hope they will use a coroner who will tell the truth

  10. Barbara Siegfried

    Something smells in Denmark King Lear….please correct me for the exact quote please. It still stinks…

    • “Something is rotten in the State of Denmark…” Hamlet
      “A rat, a rat in the arras!” Hamlet, stabbing the devious Polonius
      “Out! Out da*ned Skippy!” (Spot) variation on a line in the “Scottish Play.”
      One from Lear…”he is as a wind – full of sound and fury, signifying nothing…”

  11. Coincidence? I don’t think so! Put nothing past OBOZO & the LIBERAL SOCIETY!

  12. Left/liberals neither like criticism nor have a sense of humor…

    • The paranoid personality cannot stand the slightest contradiction…paraphrase of p 78 Political Ponerology…by a Polish psychiatrist on the roots of despotism in politics…wish I had more than a quick glance at the book…but that quote jumped out.

  13. Remember the body count from the Clinton era???? hmmmmmmmmmmm

  14. First, Obama and his henchmen kills Andrew Breitbart just before he was going to release videos about Obama’s college shenanigans. Now, they killed Steve Bridges (Obama’s impersonator who Obama hated) three days later. Next will be Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. When is the FBI going to connect the dots and arrest Obama and his Chicago gangsters? This guy is going to start killing everyone on their Enemies List. This is the Clinton murders all over again. We must put a stop to all of this killing of those who stand in their paths. When they get Arpaio and Brewer, that will be enough proof to make an arrest of the dictator in the White House.

  15. Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot exterminated their detractors too. This is the end of the beginning. The “eliminations”, “disappearances” etc have begun which is always the MO of the “elites”. Will the “intellectuals” be next? Maybe the disabled. gypsies and other “undesirables”? Dictators are the same and always have been throughout history although they never seem to learn from history. Look at how Dictators end up, especially Mussolini, because that’s how this will end. Cheering crowds baying for blood at a public hanging. I just don’t know if there is enough rope or poles to hang them ALL though.

    • Barry, about 600-650 poles is all you’d need. If you can’t find enough poles, there are plenty of trees in and around Washington to do the job and still be “Green”! Just get rope. If you can’t find enough rope, use hanger wire!
      No need to worry how slow or painfull the deaths might be. These will not be Official State Executions!

    • Why do you think obozo wants the law about being able to kill Americans overseas? Next move has already happening imo….killing Americans here!

    • Mussolini was hardly the worst. It is the Communists and Socialists who have the murder toll in the hundreds of millions – estimated at 160million in less than a century – and their allies the moslems with a toll of 270 million over just under two millennia – but with primitive weaponry.

    • Hello Barry,
      I had a feeling the first time I ever saw that man Obama I had
      a sense of dread. the thousand years started in 2000 . look back
      at Biblical History Sodom and Gomora . it is happening in our life time.
      the second coming will be at the end of that 1000 yrs.
      In Revelations the earth will end by Fire. Maniacs with nukes
      will make it happen. Obama is a servent of Satan.

  16. John 15:13 “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.
    It will take the coroner this above because you can rest assured, if there is foul play, he and his family will be threatened with their lives.

  17. Maybe we should fear for Matt Drudge. The Clintons had c. 50 deaths associated with them, besides Vince Foster. The left has no bounds, and to stop them we must VOTE ANYBODY BUT OBAMA IN 2012.

  18. I am betting on small red dots

  19. Alert!
    It is the Impersonator that is in the Oral Office, not Barry.
    Someone really goofed. How is the White House going to explain this boo boo?

  20. Pathetic racist bitch! I guess to you racist couch warmongers, any two-term president who doesn’t start a war for no reason is obviously a traitor.
    You must hate having a black man as President, it’s SO obvious! Thanks for proving my point! NO the REAL facts are that YOU are a racist, and no matter what crap you pull, THAT is a fact! Anyone who calls Obama a fraud is a racist!
    You are a pathetic disgrace to American, you war-mongering racist!

    • Is that you, “Soul Straw” from Warwick, NY?
      Didn’t I already ban you? So you got a new IP address ( and snuck back here. Since I have infinite patience when it comes to evil trolls like you, this new IP address is also now banned.
      As for your tired old unimaginative racist card —
      Soul Straw sucks

      • What did that beautiful baby do to deserve being on the same page as that Warwick swine troll, Dr. Eowyn! A Hippopotamus or croc yawn would be more…interesting…n’est ce pas, mon ami!

    • Raaacist? Yawn…try something a little more original.
      Here’s some REAL facts for your little brain to process: Under this president, we have 1) acquired the largest debt ever in US histroy, 2) put a record amount of people on food stamps, 3) have seen jobs across America destroyed, and 4) have ruined relationships with our Allies while sucking up to enemies.
      And thanks for proving a point…when you clearly lack debating skills and intelligent thoughts, just whip out the race card.

    • Since you only have race on your mind, you should know that the fraud in the White House is bi-racial: half white, half black, just like a skunk. Here’s looking at you, Questionman!

    • Take your deck, no, your case of race cards and shove them up your a__, moron.
      Sideways, even.
      As for your accusation of us being ‘war mongers,’ just exactly what cave have you been residing in for the last three years, you government-educated dumbass?
      I’m not sure how much comrade Soros is paying you, but I bet you would make more money prostituting yourself in Times Square.

    • Angelo Napolitano

      You say racist like it’s a bad thing… You’re just stupid. Obama has proven himself to be a liar, yet you wish to remain in la-la land. Wake the f**k up, racist. Anyone who voted for Obama just because he is black is just as much of a racist as anyone who voted against him for the same reason. The reason I didn’t vote for him is because he is not qualified for the job.

      • Exactly right, 1) he’s NEVER been in the Military so therefore he meets no qualifications whatsoever there, I feel ANY president worthy of the title should have spent SOME time in the military, 2) he was only a Junior Senator: meaning he’d only been a Senator for 2 years: he’d never held any other office prior to that other than a “Community Organizer”. Since taking office Obama has done NOTHING for this country, other than drive it straight into the ground and lie to the people, yet we still have brainless “useful idiots” that cheerleader for him. when Gas prices 3+ yrs ago were up, The Blame landed squarely on Bush, now here we are 3 yrs later, Bush is gone and prices are MORE than they were then. This latest development doesn’t surprise me at all especially in the “death” of an impersonator and we STILL have no word on the Breitbart Autopsy. It seems MORE than coincidence that these men who were regarded as “thorns” in Obama’s side have “died from natural causes” meanwhile the media glosses over it with their usual NOTHING TO SEE HERE lipservice. and anyone who questions that is labeled as a racist or conspiracy therorist kook. the people really need to wake up and see what this Administration really is.

  21. Wonder who is next … the rest of the USA’s population ?

    • they are guilty of treason! the penalty for this is death-as it should be

    • https://groups.google.com/group/total_truth_sciences/browse_thread/thread/f74b5d259a6b355d/f0b34a8e83b3d93d
      Reminds me of Bolsheviks.
      The Dirty Revolution II
      “Everyone was listening intently to determine if the Germans were already on the way.”
      In June and July of 1941 those living in the regions of eastern Poland occupied by the Red Army – Polish farmers, the bourgeoisie, the clergy, ex-soldiers, and intellectuals – all awaited the invasion of German troops. This quote is from the Polish Jewish historian J. Gross, author of the book Neighbors: The Murder of the Jews of Jedwabne. Solzhenitsyn explains why Poles, Lithuanians, Latvians, Ukrainians, Estonians, Belorussians, Bukowina-, and Moldava-Romanians could hardly wait for the Germans to invade. [Internationalist Communist Socialist Zionist Jew] not referring Orthodox Jew disagree Zionism https://www.nkusa.org/ were the ones causing trouble. I worried for future of America since I don’t support George Soros.

  22. Good One Grouchy! High Five!
    But I bet QuestionMark (?) doesn’t think that Samual L. Jackson is racist for voting for a man strictly b/c of the color of his skin….hmmm….Me thinks me smells a LIBERAL! 🙂

  23. St. Michael the Archangel, watch over our brave and honest Joe Arpaio in Jesus’ name we pray.

  24. Where is Vlad The Impaler when you need him?

  25. Obama is building up a Death List, these two Patriots and Speakers of Truth, and there are the two exlovers of Obama, from Rev Wrights church, who were murdered in 2007, to keep them quiet about thier sex with Obama. And there are many, many more, going back to the late 90’s. Obama is a very corrupt, untrustworthy person who will eliminate all that gets in his way to power. I do believe he is also very mentally unstable and his narcisism is horrible. He thrives on adoration. What a Pathetic, Confused, Sick person Obama is!

  26. okay so from my last count that would be 18 people that i know of that have died mysteriously or heart attack…i am sure there are alot more where this administration is concerned…look at the clintons – crap there were 3 pages of all the hits they did..including their own bodyguards!

  27. you people are seriously insane

  28. Sprawdz jak wyglada serwis o nazwie
    stojak rowerowy. Prezentujemy oferte dla balustrady ze stali nierdzewnej wielu firm.

  29. Please note that the coroner is also dead. This article is old, the coroner passed not long after this was reported.

  30. You reap what you sow. Everyone eventually does.

  31. This guy’s act is hilarious! And it’s great humor! Good, clean, nothing offensive. What a sad outcome.


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