Obama & Holder Ignore "Beat Whitey" Black Riots

An editorial in Investor’s Business Daily, “Concealing Black Hate Crimes,” August 12, 2011:

Across the U.S., mobs of black youths are organizing on Facebook to loot stores and beat whites. Yet none dare call the “flash mob” attacks hate crime, least of all the attorney general.

The Associated Press is reporting that at least one of those arrested in the Wisconsin State Fair beatings said the mob was targeting whites, making it a hate crime. Where is Eric Holder’s civil rights division? About this epidemic of black-on-white assaults, we hear nothing.

At the Milwaukee fairgrounds, dozens of black teens suddenly appeared, knocking over children, looting the Midway games and stealing prizes. They pulled whites from cars, flung them to the ground and punched and kicked them in the face. At least 18 people were injured, including some cops.

A similar beat-down took place August 2010 at the Iowa State Fair. Organized as “beat whitey night,” bands of black teens targeted white kids, fracturing one of their skulls. Then the thugs swarmed police, hitting one cop from behind and busting both his eye sockets.

Earlier this month in Philadelphia, marauding black flash mobs beat and robbed tourists and other innocent bystanders. Several people were hospitalized, including one man with a fractured skull.

Mayor Michael Nutter, Philly’s second black mayor, said enough is enough. In an angry lecture from the pulpit of Mount Carmel Baptist Church, he blasted the punks, saying “you have damaged your own race.”

Similar attacks are under investigation in Los Angeles, Chicago, Cleveland and Washington, D.C., where our first black president remains mum.

Why isn’t Obama equally disgusted by the black pack attacks? Perhaps because his own church glamorized the thug culture. His mentor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, told his South Side Chicago flock that those committing black-on-black crime are “fighting the wrong enemy.” During the 2008 presidential campaign, Geraldine Ferraro condemned Wright for preaching to young blacks that “it’s OK to beat up on white people.”

Imagine if the flash-mob victims were black instead of white. Holder would have launched a special investigation. With the races reversed, he just shrugs. In so many words he has said blacks are incapable of hate crimes because of their victimhood.

“There is a pervasive hostility toward (prosecuting) these types of cases,” said Christian Adams, a civil rights attorney who quit after Holder refused to prosecute the New Black Panther Party for intimidating white Philly voters in 2008.

To Holder, blacks are the permanent victims. But his department’s own data say otherwise. In most cases of interracial crimes, the victim is white and the perp is black. Black criminals choose white victims 45% of the time, while whites victimize blacks 3% of the time. More than twice as many whites are murdered by a black than cases of a white murdering blacks.

And despite underreporting, blacks commit a disproportionate share of hate crimes. In 2009, almost 20% of known offenders of hate crimes were black, even though blacks make up just 13% of the population.

Holder presupposes all problems afflicting the black community come from the outside — racism, poverty, etc. Nutter make no excuses for bad behavior.

“Take those God-darn hoodies down, especially in the summer,” the Philly mayor scolded black youths. “Pull your pants up and buy a belt ’cause no one wants to see your underwear or the crack of your butt.” He added: “If you walk into somebody’s office with your hair uncombed and a pick in the back, and your shoes untied, and your pants half-down, tattoos up and down your arms and on your neck, and you wonder why somebody won’t hire you? They don’t hire you ’cause you look like you’re crazy.”

Candidate Obama vowed to stand up for a civil rights unit that enforces laws “fairly and justly.” If his attorney general doesn’t pursue these black mob cases as hate crimes, punishing the offenders, he risks giving white racists an excuse to respond in kind.

The dictionary defines “riot” as:

  1. A wild or turbulent disturbance created by a large number of people.
  2. Law A violent disturbance of the public peace by three or more persons assembled for a common purpose.

The dictionary defines “terrorism” and “terrorize” as, respectively:

  • The state of being terrorized
  • To coerce by intimidation or fear.

By those definitions, what the media euphemistically call black “flash mobs” are really black RIOTS and black TERRORISM.
But Attorney General Eric Holder, who is supposed to be America’s chief law enforcement officer, is ignoring the riots and acts of terrorism. We all know that if the violent “flash mobs” were whites and the victims attacked were blacks, media headlines would be screaming “White Racism!!!!” and Holder and his boss — the squatter in the White House — would be all over this.
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I blame this stuff for the most part on two things:
1) The class war rhetoric that constantly flows from Obama and the left.
2) Bad parenting.
When I was in my teens, had I participated in something like this and were caught, my problems wouldn’t have started until I got home from being released from jail.
And that is assuming my dad would have even bailed me out to begin with.


“…and the government becoming the father in black homes.”
Funny that many don’t get that that is not an unintended consequence.
The government set out decades ago to destroy the black family in America, and it is doing a better job of it than the KKK ever dreamed of.
And if Hispanics aren’t careful, their next generation will be in the same boat.
In fact, they are beginning to show signs of it already, as the younger among them do not share their parent’s work ethic.
Sad is the destruction government is capable of.
Actually, it’s criminal if you ask me.


And a lousy father it is.

Am I The Only One?
Am I The Only One?

“Americans started loosing their idenity when Elitist truned the fire off of America’s Melting Pot!”


Remember the New Black Panther Party and their intimidation of white voters and how Holder let them go free? Remember Barack Obama’s church was a supremicist church FOR blacks, ABOUT blacks, FOR a BLACK GOD, and, like one of their greatest leaders, James Cone, has said, “The time has come for white America to be silent and listen to black people…. All white men are responsible for white oppression…. Theologically, Malcolm X was not far wrong when he called the white man ‘the devil.’ … Any advice from whites to blacks on how to deal with white oppression is automatically… Read more »

Clifton Lee West
Clifton Lee West

We are all giving Obama and Holder too much credit. They are not as intelligent as touted and most of their behavior stems from their own biases in life. We seem to be loaded with elitist types who continually try to “explain” the difference between right and wrong to the “unwashed” masses, when they haven’t the faintest idea themselves. It will take a full-fledged revolution to even slow this type of rebellion down and, of course, Obama and Holder will hold up their hands in horror and deny any complicity, as usual, when they are actually much of the cause.… Read more »


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