Obama-Hitler Despondent about AttackWatch.com

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Oh, what’ll we ever do without those glorious Hitler spoof videos? LOL

If you’ve been living in a cave the last two days and missed Obama’s latest nefarious call on Americans to be informants/snitches on each other, go here and here!

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0 responses to “Obama-Hitler Despondent about AttackWatch.com

  1. Mad Angel is on FB

    A few of my FB friends and I have been laughing ourselves to exhaustion for the last 2 nights…I created a notepad file on some of the tweets….talk about an EPIC FAIL! ROFL!

  2. What a hoot! I’m sending this to everyone I know!

  3. Hilarious !! …..LOL !! The big bully’s scare tactics are not working ! I still love it that Michelle Malkin turned herself in to the ruler’s snitch website , along with her entire blog ! …LOL !!

  4. Three cheers for Michelle Malkin. Obama will eventually self-destruct when he finally realizes that what he thought was brillance, is really naivete and stupidity– nothing more, nothing less. He needs to quit his role-playing and turn over the job to a true leader — someone who knows what they are doing.

  5. Mad Angel is on FB

    I still have the link up on my tab bar….just key in ‘attackwatch’ in the search bar….be ready to press the pause in the top right corner cuz they’re coming in too fast to read…. https://www.monitter.com/ …the really SWEET part of it is they are going straight to Obummer…. 😉
    here’s a few of my favorites:
    @AttackWatch hey I’m witnessing a bunch of marxist subversives trying to destroy our country…..er….oh that’s obuma and company
    bigmac5111 18:59web
    RT @diggrbiii: Media Matters is in full WHAAAAA mode over the mockery of @AttackWatch. Pure awesome. #attackwatch
    ginagypsywriter 18:59web
    RT @Libertarian_ish: @aussietorres Thanks! #attackwatch has proven Oblahblah has moved from the dangerously incompetent to the ridiculously desperate.
    tahDeetz 18:59Osfoora HD
    RT @adamsbaldwin: #AttackWatch: “Obama inadvertently gave the public a campaign-approved outlet to mock him in 140 characters or less.” – https://t.co/YnSYloQ
    thetalentscout 18:59Twitter for iPhone
    RT @scarlett_0hara: RT @BrentTeichman: RT @Caper29b: Hey #attackwatch I just looked at a map of the U.S. Someone has stolen 7 of the 57 States! #tcot
    malagent 18:59TweetDeck
    and a final one:
    You’re a one termer…But I’ll be here for you. #AttackWatch
    LarrySinclair57 19:44web

  6. you will all be reported and suffer the consequences!!!!!!! attack.com eyes are everywhere!!!!!!!! Obama needs to grow a funky little moustache.. He already has the mussolini smirk.! the only people who should be reported, are those michaelmoore wannabees, who mindlessly vote for incompetence and mediocrity, to destroy the capitalistic system. .

  7. Hilarious! They are so desperate!


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