Obama Hijacks OWS for Porkulus 2.0

My brother (yeah, it’s the same brother who took the $2,000 the U.S. embassy made a precondition before issuing me a student visa) just can’t seem to think for himself.
He sent me this YouTube video with a brief “FYI.” My brother was forwarded the video from a “Jan Liver” who proudly proclaims that “My son, Dave Eisel’s song, ‘All the Jobs are Gone’, was used on this infomercial.
YouTube won’t let me post the video here. Click here to watch the infomercial pretending to be a genuine pleading from one of the 99%.
This is what I wrote back to my brother:

FYI, this video is a blatant lobbying for Obama’s Jobs Bill, the half-a-trillion dollars American Jobs Act, which is merely his Stimulus 2.0. The first Stimulus Porkulus bill didn’t “revive” the economy or create jobs. Whatever makes you think Stimulus Porkulus 2.0 will? Even the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate refused to pass the bill.

You’re buying into the political snake oil.

Yes, indeed. That Obama just cares so much about jobs for Americans, so much so that he had the Dept of Energy give $529 million of taxpayer dollars to Fisker, an electric car company in Finland. Fisker says it could not find a facility in the United States capable of doing the work.

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8 years ago

Looks like another snowjob to me. Like I said, BO just looooves to spend our money… money we don’t even have.

8 years ago

If by “shovel-ready” they meant manure, maybe…