Obama Heckled In Boston

Today, in a last-ditch effort to prevent Republican Scott Brown from winning the Massachusetts special election to fill the Senate seat vacated by Ted “MaryJo Kopechne” Kennedy, Obama flew to Boston to speak at a rally for Democrat contender Martha Coakley.
Not only was the rally venue not filled to capacity, in contrast to Brown’s rally, Obama got heckled by pro-lifers for a sustained 5+ minutes! The disruption lasted so long that Obama had to ask “Now where was I?” so as to resume his speech.
P.S. What’s with Obama’s unpresidential open-neck shirt? When he wore it in Hawaii, I attributed it to him being on vacation. But in Boston?
It takes a Brit, Richard Littlejohn of the UK’s Mail, to pinpoint exactly why the Massachusetts race is so important:

On Tuesday, almost a year to the day since he took the oath of office, Barack Obama faces a referendum on his presidency. The jury is out and the verdict is far from certain. Voters in Massachussetts go to the ballot box to elect a successor to Senator Edward Kennedy, who died of brain cancer last August.
It should be a formality for the Democrats, who have held the state since the late John F. Kennedy won the seat in 1953. Yet the opinion polls are showing the Republican challenger running neck-and-neck with the Democratic establishment candidate, who until recently had been expected to stroll home without breaking sweat.
On his historic journey to the White House, Obama won Massachussetts by 26 clear percentage points. For the Democrats to forfeit this liberal fortress state would be unthinkable. It would also have catastrophic consequences for Obama’s flagship healthcare reforms.


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what’s w/the stammering…we’re OK, we’re OK, we’re doing fine? Sounds like some negro dialect in those words…
Put a tie on for Pete’s sake…you are the POTUS after all.