Obama Greater Than Jesus!

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What is it with the Danish? Is it the water they drink?
One year into the Obama presidency, the bloom definitely is off the formerly Chosen One. He is Strongly Disapproved by a whopping 49% of America’s voters, with only 25% Strongly Approve, and as much as 67% of voters think that America is on the wrong track.
But the Danish are still besotted with this empty suit. Citing Obama’s foreign and domestic policies — hmmm, which ones? — an editorial in a Danish newspaper, Politiken, which boasts of being Denmark’s largest newspaper, makes Obama a god. The editorial calls Obama “greater than Jesus – if we have to play that absurd Christmas game.” (Here’s the WorldNetDaily article.)
Idolatry, any one?
Wait! Didn’t Denmark just play host to the global con known as the U. N. Copenhagen Global Warming Conference? 
Although Denmark’s official statistics from January 2009 say that 81.5% of its population are Lutherans — members of the Danish National Church — the most recent Eurobarometer Poll in 2005 says that only 31% of Danish citizens believed there is a god, 49% believed in “some sort of spirit or life force,” 19% did not believe in either god, spirit, or life force. A 2005 study by Zuckerman found that Denmark has the third highest proportion of atheists and agnostics in the world, estimated to be between 43% and as much as 80% of the population. (Source: wikipedia)
Having abandoned God, the Danes have this big hole in their hearts. And so they fill their emptiness with the new secular religion of Global Warming — with Al Gore its pope, warmist scientists its clergy, and carbon emissions the new mortal sin. Having abandoned God, the Danes look to mere mortals for their new deities, thereby repeating the folly of Adam and Eve in the garden of seeking to become “as gods.”
Danes are lost souls….

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3 responses to “Obama Greater Than Jesus!

  1. Wonder how many people have actually read Revelation in the Bible? I read this article yesterday, along w/ one about the UN minting worldwide currency. This is some scary stuff happening now!

  2. I agree Eowyn, what is wrong with the Dane’s? They have their own little world-fantasyland! Our Lord said to watch for the signs. But, in the meantime, as Father Wade Menezes said in one of his homilies whilst he celebrated Mass televised on EWTN: “Do what you are supposed to do, when you are supposed to do it, and in the manner it is supposed to be done.” We keep on truckin’ and ask the Triune God to guide us and help us.

  3. It seems like the five cities around Sodom and Gomorrah had some deity problems too. As I recall Rome might have had some of those same problems. History is replete with stupidity


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