Obama got booed in Boston

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CBSW Boston reports that being booed was probably the last thing Barack Obama expected from the crowd at a Symphony Hall fundraiser last night (June 25), but boos he got.
That’s because the POS had the arrogant insensitivity to “thank” Boston for Kevin Youkilis, who was just traded to the Chicago White Sox, which is Obama’s favorite team.
The POS said, laughing, “I’m just saying, he’s going to have to change the color of his socks.”
Youkilis was traded from the Red Sox, to Obama’s favorite team just a day ago, on Sunday, for infielder Brent Lillibridge and pitcher Zach Stewart. Youkilis went 1-for-4 with a single in his White Sox debut Monday night, but Chicago lost to the Twins, 4-1.

“I love me! I love me! I love only me!”

But then the POS was being totally in character. One of the defining attributes of the Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a lack of empathy — putting oneself in another’s shoes and feeling what he/she feels. Our human ability to empathize with others is the basis of morality: Do to others as you would have others do unto you. A lack of empathy also characterizes other personality disorders, including the Anti-Social Personality Disorder, more commonly known as sociopathy and psychopathy.
Tickets for the POS’s fundraiser at Symphony Hall cost between $250 and $2,500.
Those fools and the POS deserve each other!

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0 responses to “Obama got booed in Boston

  1. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this post. What a stupid thing to say in Boston! How “endearing” he is. . .

  2. Two things come out of this gaff. One, despite stomaching the likes of the Kennedys and Barney Frank for ages, Bostonians have no sense of humor. They’ll put up with anything politically but don’t you dare tease them on their entertainment. Two, despite the crowd’s reaction, this was one of the few funny things to ever come out of Soetoro’s yap. This they booed but his socialist propoganda and apologetics they swallowed without a whimper. Go figure!

  3. So typical of Skippy. Open big narcissistic mouth…..insert big narcissistic foot !!!! Such a disgrace ! Absolutely no class ! (And his buddy Biden, is the same way ! )

  4. That picture above of him kissing himself in the mirror serves to remind me of that old song : ” Oh Lord, it’s hard to be humble when you’re perfect in every way. I can’t wait to look in the mirror ’cause I get better lookin ‘ each day. To know me is to love me. I really am a HELL of a man ! ” …etc. Yep, that song fits him, alright !!

  5. Barack Obama’s Al Qaeda Ties

    Barack Obama has been working in conjunction with an Al Qaeda front group to back the overthrow of a government which has cooperated with the US in the war on terror. He has done this through extensive support of Raila Odinga, who seeks to establish an Islamic supremacist government as well as a terrorist ‘safe haven’ in Kenya. The Al Bakri group has been using oil industry connections to funnel enormous amounts of money to Odinga in support of his efforts to Islamify Kenya. This support continues even as Barack Obama makes use of taxpayer funds to campaign in support of Odinga’s efforts. The Al Bakri group has long been established (through the so-called “Golden Chain” document) as a front organization for the movement of Al Qaeda funds – and it is the same Al Bakri group that serves as the primary financial basis of support for Barack Obama’s cousin Odinga.

  6. The biggest piece of shit that has ever pulled the wool over America’s eyes, and the people are still NOT learning! Semper Fi.


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