Obama Fake Birth Certificate Ads

We Birthers Obama Truthseekers don’t give up. Ever.
Washington Times‘ National Weekly Edition, May 16, 2011, has two ads on Obama’s fake birth certificate and questionable eligibility, on pages 5 and 9, respectively:

Click for full screen ad: 55487100-Obama-Long-Form-Birth-Certificate-Forged-Wash-Times-National-Weekly-Edition-20110516-pg-5

Click for full screen ad: 55486828-Obama-s-Lack-of-Eligibility-Document-Fraud-The-3-Enablers-Wash-Times-Natl-Wkly-20110516-pg-9
H/t Cdr Kerchner’s Blog.

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scott e
9 years ago

no less than the integrity of our nation is a stake….

9 years ago

If today’s blatant arrogance in his speech doesn’t spark something with Congress, to start hearings I’m not sure what will.[well yeah I do]