Obama Explains Why He Abandoned Press Conference

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Last Friday, there was a WTF moment at a White House press conference.  Obama and former President Bill Clinton were before the press about their meeting on Obama’s tax compromise with the Republicans. Bill gave a statement and then began to take questions with Obama at his side. After a few moments, Obama abruptly leaves with the lame excuse he had to see Michelle, as he was keeping her “waiting.”

Since that surreal event, talk radio and the blogosphere have been abuzz with speculations about Obama’s bizarre behavior. Now, at long last, we have the explanation from Da Man himself!

Okay, I admit I had to look up what “cooties” means. Free Online Dictionary says “cooties” means “lice,” as in head lice. Urban Dictionary says “cooties” can mean “lice,” an imagined disease that kids use to tease each other, “a contagious mental disease,” a cute way of calling someone cute, or “a slang word for pussy or vagina.”
H/t beloved fellow Bloomergal!

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  1. Can head lice survive if they have not been exposed to hair/scalp/skin for a while?

  2. News…
    “Poll: Majority of Americans Say They are Worse Off than They were Two Years Ago,”by ALex Levinson, Daily Caller via Yahoo! News, 14 DEC 10, https://news.yahoo.com/s/dailycaller/pollmajorityofamericanssaytheyareworseoffthantheyweretwoyearsago


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