Obama Eligibility Issue Gathering Steam

Thank you, Joseph Farah and World Net Daily, for your tireless efforts to inform Americans on this important issue! History will remember you.

We’re making progress on birth certificate
By Joseph Farah – WorldNetDaily – January 6, 2011
Have you noticed how much better informed the major news media have become about the missing birth certificate since Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie entered the picture?

It wasn’t that long ago that most of the TV talking heads and alleged news reporters were telling the American people that Barack Obama had released his birth certificate. They seemed incapable of comprehending the difference between the digital short-form certification of live birth offered up by the Obama campaign in 2008 and a standard, long-form birth certificate we’re all familiar with.
How many of you recall Bill O’Reilly and Chris Matthews waiving copies of the certification of live birth in front of the camera, telling the American people they had the actual birth certificate?
How many times do you recall them viciously attacking those who persisted in demanding the absolute minimal documentation needed to ensure Obama was indeed constitutionally eligible to serve as president – without ever giving any of those conscientious, principled, rational advocates of the rule of law and openness in government the opportunity to answer their ad hominem insults?
On the edge of a constitutional crisis … learn the facts in WND’s comprehensive “Obama Eligibility Primer”
How many times have you heard them characterize “birthers” as a fringe group of crackpots and conspiracy nuts?
Now, all of a sudden, as polls continue to show Americans increasingly skeptical about Obama’s birth narrative despite the media’s stonewalling and obfuscating, along comes the new socialist governor of Hawaii who admits the possibility that the release of some actual evidence might indeed quell what is turning into widespread public distrust of both the government and what Rush Limbaugh astutely calls “the state-sponsored media.”
He says he would like to release the birth certificate – though I doubt he ever will.
But that leaves O’Reilly, Matthews and the rest of the Big Media in a dilemma. After all, they have been pretending for years that the birth certificate has already been released.
It didn’t take Matthews long to do a 180.
Hey, if the Democratic governor of Hawaii wants the birth certificate released, then he’s for it, too. He even bullied two certifiably leftist pundits on his panel to capitulate to his demand as well.
O’Reilly is sure to follow suit if he hasn’t already.
Looks like the birth certificate issue is reaching critical mass.
These media types are now using Abercrombie as a way to extricate themselves from all their foolishness and irresponsibility on this story from the beginning.
The truth is Obama should never have been able to assume office without establishing his constitutional eligibility. The system failed the American people and the rule of law. The media “watchdogs” weren’t just AWOL. They were attacking those actually serving as vigilant citizen watchdogs of the Constitution and the people’s business.
I expect politicians to act like politicians. I expect them to protect their secrets as best they can. I expect them to get away with anything they can get away with.
But, as someone who has spent 30 years in the news business, I have never been more ashamed of my industry than I have been over the last two years in their mindless and shameless demagoguery over Obama’s eligibility problem.
If they had been paid shills for Obama they could not have been more reckless and mean-spirited and less truthful and honest.
That goes for Bill O’Reilly and Chris Matthews and the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post and the Associated Press – and literally thousands of other news agencies and so-called “journalists.” They missed one of the biggest stories in American history and set about covering up their own incompetence.

Anyway, that’s beginning to change.
They now admit what was obvious to the vast majority of Americans for some time – that Obama has indeed been concealing his birth certificate. They admit he should be able to defuse this whole controversy with one phone call. They admit they are puzzled as to why he won’t do that.
Guess what, fellas – that’s just what those you have been vilifying have been saying for the last two years. That’s all they’ve been saying. And, a few of us in the media, most of them right here at this news agency, have actually been gathering evidence that thoroughly and unequivocally undermines Obama’s official birth narrative.
Quietly, and without fanfare, the WND team kept this story alive – just as I promised I would. Still, none of these media elitists has bothered to scratch beneath the surface of this story to comprehend the magnitude of deceit that went into Obama’s elevation to what may well be an illegitimate presidency.
I tell you, it’s not just Obama who is going to pay a price in history for this scandal. All those who aided and abetted him in the media are going down, too.
Now that this story shows no signs of going away, I think they’re beginning to realize what they missed.

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Glad to see your on board CW..I was sending out the link to WND Eligibility Primer to everyone for weeks now….. now their charging…anyway …its all good and a must read…send it to everyone you know!!




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