Obama eligibility court hearing – Live video!

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Please go here to read two  on-the-scene reports of the hearing.

If everything goes according to plan, today will be a historic day.
Today, January 26, 2012, beginning at 9:00 a.m., EST, despite last-minute legal maneuverings by Obama’s lawyer, an administrative law judge in Atlanta, Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi, will conduct a hearing into whether a sitting President of the United States of America who’s seeking reelection should be allowed to have his name on the election ballot of the state of Georgia this November. (See my post, “Judge Michael rules Obama must appear at eligibility hearing next Thursday!“)
America’s complicit media have largely ignored this extraordinary event. But since the hearing is in its backyard, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution couldn’t quite ignore it. So the paper helpfully issued this warning by the AP’s Haraz Ghanbari:

Even though President Barack Obama has been summoned to a court hearing here Thursday, don’t expect the Commander in Chief to come.

President Barack Obama is not likely to attend a court hearing in Georgia on Thursday that will deal with claims that he’s not eligable to be on the Georgia ballot because he’s not a natural born U.S. citizen. […] The White House has said that Obama will be in Las Vegas, Denver and Detroit this Thursday.

Marietta lawyer Melvin Goldstein, who is not involved in the case, said if the hearing goes on as scheduled without Obama, Malihi could refer the matter to a Fulton County Superior Court judge. It would be up to that judge to decide whether to enforce the subpoena and, if necessary, hold the president in contempt, Goldstein said.

Eric Segall, a Georgia State University law professor, predicted that won’t happen. “There have been many, many lawsuits trying to litigate the issue of the president’s nationality,” Segall said. “They have all been dismissed and this one should be too. In light of the frivolousness of the case, the judge has no valid authority to require the president to appear in court.”

The hearings are public, so anyone can attend.


 OSAH – Office of State Administrative Hearings

Beginning at 9 a.m. EST, the website Article II Super PAC will provide gavel-to-gavel live video coverage of the hearings. Go here.
Our Dave has indicated he’ll attend the hearing, and I’ll be watching the video coverage along with you!
Pray for justice!
H/t our beloved Tina.

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0 responses to “Obama eligibility court hearing – Live video!

  1. Dear Lord Jesus. We know that you are in the midst of the midst of it all, and that you are working all things out for the good for those who love you. As we sleep tonight you will be watching over us and we are placing our trust in your all powerful all knowing everywhere presentness to keep us from evil and to pour out your spirit upon all flesh, especially in the courtroom tomorrow when the powers of darkness are gathering. ITNOJ AW Lord we are asking for a hedge of protection for the attorneys and the judge and Gov. Kemp. Amen. PS LORD we praise and thank you for the victory in the matter and for dying for us that day on Calvary so that we might be redeemed.

  2. I just fired up the coffee pot so I’ll be ready to watch it live.

  3. I’m using the Comments section to record what’s happening:
    Live video streaming has started! Half an hour before hearing begins and the court room is already almost full.
    3 minutes after 9a, EST, a court clerk called the 4 attorneys to the Judge’s chamber. Not a good sign.
    The defendant, Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro, of course isn’t in court. Reportedly he’s campaigning in Las Vegas. Can the hearing proceed without the defendant being present?
    The 4 attorneys have returned to the courtroom. It’s a few minutes before 9:30a, EST.
    9:32a: Judge enters. A white-haired male, Obama’s attorney Jablonski?, stands up, references his letter to Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp yesterday, asking that Judge Michael Malihi be removed. Kemp declined. It’s difficult to hear Jablonski or the judge, due to the positioning of the video camera at the back of the court room. Jablonski quotes from Obama’s ghost-written autobiography, Dreams From My Father.
    A younger dark-haired man is called to the witness stand. Spoke very briefly.
    What is at issue seems to be the citizenship of Obama’s Kenyan father, who was a British colonial subject, which of course is critical to the concept of “Natural Born Citizenship” (NBC).
    A grey-haired male attorney (plaintiff’s?) is at a stand with paper posters on it, explaining the 3 types of U.S. citizenship. Argues that U.S. citizen does not equal NBC. Appeals to some precedent case that NBC is defined as:
    1. Both parents must be US citizens at time of individual’s birth.
    2. The individual himself must be born on US soil.
    Concludes therefore Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen and is Constitutionally not eligible to be President.
    A dark-haired bespectacled man (another plaintiff lawyer) stands up and speaks. Inaudible!
    9:55a: Carl Swenson is sworn to the witness stand. Attorney has Swenson confirm some papers — appears to be the correspondence between Jablonski and Kemp yesterday.
    9:58a: A youngish dark-haired man is sworn as witness.
    Lawyer presents as evidence the official Certification of Nomination by the Democratic Party of Obama as presidential candidate, and also a certificate by the Republican Party. The Republican Party certificate states that Obama meets the qualifications to be President, but the Democratic Party certification simply states that Obama is their nominee, but no language that he is qualified. Also presented as evidence is the letter from Jablonski to Kemp yesterday, arguing that the hearing shouldn’t proceed.
    A youngish man from Arizona is called to the witness stand to testify something about citizenship, referencing the Immigration Act. States that Obama’s father, Obama Sr., was never a U.S. citizen.
    10:08a: Court goes into recess.
    It’s daybreak where I am, and time to do my morning chores! Fresh water and seed for my 5 birds. I will try to complete them at breakneck speed. I’ll be back!!!

    • I’ve been trying to get on both live stream sites for half an hour and I can’t get on. The sites must be maxed out with viewers! Keep us posted, please

  4. Please offer up prayer, people….

  5. The audio is poor but Orly has talked about the definition of natural born in addition to his social security number. Now they talked about ez verify. Keep praying!!!

  6. 10:42a: I’m back! One of the plaintiff attorneys, Orly Taitz, is cross-examining a man in the witness stand about certain documents, mentioning “stamps” or seals by some authority to authenticate an official document. I hear the words “social security” and references to numbers. Of course, we already know that Obama’s Connecticut-issued SS number failed the federal govt’s E-Verify.
    10:48a: Another man is called to the witness stand, giving his educational credentials, including a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice, and subsequent careers as police officer and in the Immigration & Naturalization Service. In Nov 2009, he retired from ? and set up his own consulting firm as a PI. When he ran Obama’s SS number, the only person associated with that # is a person who resided in the state of Connecticut in 1977. There are 3 issues of concern with Obama’s certificate of live birth (COLB):
    1. Serial number in upper right hand of document is out of sequence with others
    2. Certification at bottom is somewhat different.
    3. Compared with a person born just 24 hours apart from Obama, Obama’s COLB registrar is different.
    He concludes that there is good reason to have the court order Hawaii government to unseal Obama’s birth records.
    Orly asks witness about Obama’s Indonesian citizenship (via being adopted by his stepfather Lolo Soetoro), probably concerning whether Obama ever renounced his Indonesian citizenship?
    The PI witness concludes by saying he recommends we see actual application for Obama’s Social Security no.; his Hawaii birth records. He would seek a warrant to arrest Obama for making a false claim of citizenship. Says it’s a federal jurisdiction matter.
    11:03a: Orly herself is testifying under oath as an expert witness for herself! Something about Illinois and Obama hiding records (his law license? his law client list?). Her high voice is even less audible than others. Dang!
    11:10a: Court goes to recess.
    Looks like the hearing is over. I’m surprised the defense attorney Jablonski didn’t even cross-examine any of the plaintiff witnesses.

  7. my link has been broken since last night. Dangit-;

  8. I think Orly is doing a good job with this witness. questions about his Indonesian records and passport records seem on target.

  9. Orly is talking about Obamas law license revoked. judge was not happy.

  10. It is up to the judge now. Orly gave her closing arguments. PRAY!!!

    • However the judge rules, this hearing now has set a precedent. It should make it easier for other eligibility lawsuits to get a hearing in other states because the plaintiffs can now cite this hearing as a legal precedent!

      • You’re right Eowyn. Let’s hope this is the ice-breaker that cracks this berg and into crushed ice… Soon! LOL…

  11. Terry, it looks like the hearing is over for today because the clerk cleared the judge’s desk/table. I’ve sat in a court trial that lasted weeks. They never do that for a lunch recess. Even the live video camera got turned off, at around 11:19a!

  12. I could never get on… grrr… says server not found, etc…
    Praying for a miracle folks! Lord, please bring out the truth w/regard to all this mess….

  13. Steve,
    The hearing appears to be over. LOL

  14. There is good Boortz, and there is bad Boortz.
    Today, he’s being bad Boortz for calling us a bunch of birthers who are making Georgia look like a bunch of backward hillbillies.
    LOL – Ya know, there are times I would just love to punch him POW!, right in the kisser. 🙂

  15. Give us liberty blog is reporting that Malihi is ruling in Orlys favor.
    now the SOS of Georgia needs to follow the judges recommendation.

  16. the Atlanta press said he didn’t rule. I am not sure what is going on.

  17. Please let justice be served and punish the frivolous claimants and oust the idiotic judge who wasted taxpayer money

    • Hey, the self-described “True American” in Johnstown, Pennsylvania:
      You put down as you alleged website “notlikesomecrazyrussianwoman.com,” by which I’m assuming you mean attorney Dr. Orly Taitz. That makes you a rank bigot against Americans of Russian origin.
      Shame on you. What you are is a True Bigot.
      You’re no more a true American than I’m the Easter Bunny.

    • So guess you feel the same way and want to oust Skippy for wasting taxpayer money? You know, the “stimulus” package, Solyndra & other green companies that got burn our money, the cash for clunkers program, and the money his wife spends on her vacations? At least you’d prove to be consistent.

  18. from merriam-webster.com :
    bigot: a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.
    i have no hatred or intolerance for anyone of any descent based on their descent. i have dislike for any crazy people beating dead horses at taxpayers’ expense regardless of their descent. i would present my birth certificate as proof that i’m a true American, but obviously that is insufficient evidence right ? i like the line “a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices” – reminds me of a certain crazy lady …
    DCG : I’m against anyone wasting tax dollars, I appreciate the nod for consistency, thanks !

    • Thank you for the definition, although it is wholly unnecessary as I/we are literate.
      But I thank you anyway because the MW definition so perfectly describes your bigotry against Dr. Orly Taitz, calling her “crazy Russian woman.” Your highlighting Taitz’s Russian origin demonstrates your bigotry.
      I rest my case.

      • Dr. Orly Taitz; oh dear; yes, the dentist, self taught real estate sales person proclaimed lawyer; not that aught to tell you something.
        Orly is a nut case but she has her supporters paying her a really nice sallary for so little she does as long as she stokes the flames and keeps the faith going.

        • You Dear Ruler kneepad-wearers are totally scared sh*tless your Bogus POTUS is going to be proven to be ineligible.
          That’s a good thing. 😀

        • Give me a break. Taitz is one of THREE attorneys for the plaintiffs in FOUR challenges, but you’re tarring all of them.

    • Dear Steve,
      It’s so good to have you back on FOTM. LOL

    • There has been no doctoring of the documents released; it is people like you who continue to attempt to prove something that is false and just because you bring witnesses (expert my rear) who all have the same motive you will always be non-credible.

  19. You folks are A+ LOONEY! Deranged may even be a good work. If Jesus himself proclaimed he was present at the birth you would not believe it and the facts introduced in the case are all based on opinions of so called experts all with the same motive; to prove something that they cannot. The SCOTUS has NEVER defined what natural born citizen means but it has tended to mean a person born on US soil (which Obama clearly was). The 2 parent clause was used in courts to define a person born outside the US boundaries but that was redefined by congress retroactively to the beginning of time.

    • How dare you use Jesus’ name for your vile purpose!!!
      Get thee behind me, you foul person.

    • Get over yourself, comrade troll.
      If the Dear Ruler had an “R” after his name, you and your commie friends would be screaming for him to undergo the vetting equivalent of an anal exam, and you know it.
      The truth of the matter is, you are all shaking in your jackboots and red thongs that Obama just might be exposed as a fraudulent POTUS, in which case every bill he has signed will be null and void, and the George Soros-backed communist takeover of America will come to a screeching halt.
      Then Barack Hussein Obama and his head dog-washer Eric Holder will be shackled and on their way to a federal lockup where they belong.
      Works for me.

    • Hi there! In Jesus dwelt the fullness of the Godhead bodily…………so, since God is omnipresent, onmipotent and omniscient and because the fullness of the Godhead dwells in Christ Jesus, well then he must have been present at the time of the birth of Barry Barrack Soetoro Obama Durham or whatever else you want to call the man that has a social security number that was issued in the 1800’s. Maybe one of his alias’s is Dorian Gray? I do hope that clears up you dilemma.


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