Obama Disliked In Home State

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Public Policy Polling (PPP) recently did a poll in Illinois and was surprised by the results:

  • Obama’s approval numbers have dropped into negative territory even with likely voters in his home state. 44% approve of the job he’s doing while 49% say they disapprove.
  • Only 35% of Independents think he’s doing a good job, whereas 57% disapprove.
  • Among Republicans, only 3% approve of Obama. (Who are these people?!)

Democrats, however, remain in denial: As many as 80% still think Obama’s doing a good job, with only 12% who do not. They must like 9+% unemployment and a multi-trillion dollar national debt that will exceed America’s GDP next year. Or they’re just ignorant and stupid?
Despite those numbers, PPP remains optimistic about Obama in 2012: “Does this mean Obama would lose Illinois if there was an election tomorrow? Of course not. The likely electorate in the state for the midterm is much more conservative than you would see for a Presidential election with voters on this poll having supported Obama by only 15 points in 2008 compared to his actual 25 point victory in the state.”
But the writer of the PPP article, Tom Jensen, does (reluctantly) concede that “Still it’s a sign that even on the home front Obama can’t be expected to be much of a help this fall.”

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