Obama called a War Criminal In Irish Parliament (Moochie too)

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The Next Iron Lady? She has Bigger Cojones then all of our Congress and Senate put together. Listen at least till 3:40 She Rocks and Rips

~Steve~                                               H/T   Miss Sage_Brush

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0 responses to “Obama called a War Criminal In Irish Parliament (Moochie too)

  1. AMAZING WOMAN! Man! She chews him up and spits him out!
    Disgraceful? He is an idiot! She is 100% right!!
    Peace process? Hell no , no one has matched her! She has the balls THEY DON’T HAVE!!
    He is nothing but a politician eaten up with his own image he sees in the mirror!
    The, “so called” American President should butt out sicne he supports the wrong people!!

  2. TruthandFreedom

    We the American people love you!

  3. Thank you maam. The “man” she was arguing with proves that there are sissified twits in modern Ireland. I’m an Irish American and Obama doesn’t represent me!

  4. redneckdixiewarrior

    She certainly doesn’t wear rose colored glasses! She sees everything quite clearly!
    There are many who have been deaf, dumb and blind to what the Zero is all about. Brainwashed by the Politically Correct nonsense and the dhimmification by the ones who really have no clue about realities.
    Happy to know that there still are many also who believe in free speech and aren’t about to back down easily from the truth!
    Keep telling them Miss…tell them all loud and clear…to follow Zero will be their demise!

  5. We need her here in our government.

  6. Makes me so proud of my Irish Heritage. She is no fool…….

  7. Man , she tore Barry anew one , that’s for sure . Gotta admit , that was fun to listen to !

  8. Wow! As Ray’s dad would say, “Holy crap!!”

  9. Holy Shi! this Lady Rocks. She minces no words. She is right on the money. Enda needs to put his head between his legs and kiss his enda good-bye, as he squirms and tries to slime out of the truth like a politician does,reminds me of our own.

  10. thought his name was “Enda” ha! fits, first thing to pop into my mind. WND has article by Larry Klayman-must read-time for our Military to remove the POS from our whitehouse.

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    This Gal’s really something..


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