OBAMA Demands Romney Release His Records????

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The “Nobel Prize for Nothing” POS who continues to fight anyone questioning basic information about his birth, social security number and schooling

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Fellowship of the Minds has published dozens of stories documenting the lengths Barack Obama will go to keep the most basic information secret. They are the links colored red in our The Obama Chronicles page.
Trump chimes in: ” Obama, release your college transcripts!”

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0 responses to “OBAMA Demands Romney Release His Records????

  1. That POS never lacked for pride and chutzpah. Heck, he even titled his second “memoir” AUDACITY. But it’s up to Romney to fight back — not by whining and complaining and crying — but by demanding the POS in the White House to show all his records! – beginning with his kindergarten school records.

    • agreed Dr.Eowyn-Romney can’t seem to find his backbone. Is there a “True Constitutional Conservative” out there? One whom is not afraid of the “Bush Cabal” Rockefellers,Rothschilds,Soros and the rest of these scum. The “POS” is on borrowed time.

  2. I’ve been steaming over the things said by O over the weekend. This man infuriates me! What about the small business owner comment? Outrageous!!

  3. there was an article released yesterday by Tom Heneghan-“International Intelligence Expert” titled “It Is What It Is”. remember Russel Wasendorf Sr. CEO of Peregrine Financial Group Inc. (tried to commit suicide here recently) this report ties-Soros,Rahm Emanuel,Bush,Clinton,obama and ROMNEY all together in the Crime Family Syndicate.

  4. soetero’s comments are all a distraction . The main stream media isn’t asking questions about his records so his statements are the ones repeated on the “news”. The uninformed and naive aren’t reading drudge, citizen wells and FOTM! All conservatives and constitutionalists know he is a phony, a fraud and a liar. It is unfortunate we do not have judges and Congressmen with principles who are able to stand up for truth and honor.
    Governor Romney was not my first choice but on his worst day he is still a thousand times better than what we have.

  5. Oh this is rich!!! Coming from a fraudulent president who has hidden anything and everything about himself, is ridiculous.

  6. Yes, it is RICH coming from the most secretive, shady person who has ever been elected to an office–Bari Shabazz…so much for all that transparency he talked about during his campaign….What a FRAUD and HYPOCRITE!

  7. edward oleander

    No matter who is calling for what, I think that since a Presidential election is basically the entire nation holding a job interview for President, ALL candidates should be required to make their records transparent. Both Obama and Romney should provide the information requested of them.
    The Office of the Presidency is too important to hide behind privacy rights, and those rights should be waived in this case. Both your POS and my POS should have to cough them up.

  8. BritCapitalist

    POS DEMANDS ROMNEY RELEASE HIS RECORDS ???????????? As the Aussies would say: “Howls of derisive laughter Bruce!”

  9. i think a bare knuckle boxing match between obama and romney should decide who releases what and when let romney beat the snot out of the fake and find that real birth certificate once and for all.. and who killed obamas boyfriend in chicago etc.. hold obama over the coals let the truth finally be aired in the public and see what kind of flies his bull shit attracts..


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