Obama Cricket Chirp

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Since becoming president, Obama has dominated the news with his constant media appearances in press conferences, televised interviews, magazine covers, Letterman, Leno, and Oprah. You can’t shut him up.
Except now….
On Dec. 25, Christmas Day, jihadist pantibomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab tried to blow up Northwest Airlines Flight 253 as the plane approached Detroit. Thankfully, two heroic civilian passengers deftly took care of the situation and tackled the scumbag, whose testicles are now fried, i hope.
Obama: cricket chirp
On Dec. 26, two men, thought to have been acting suspicious aboard a United Airways Flight 192 bound for Phoenix, were detained and questioned by federal anti-terrorism authorities before they were released. Passengers said the two men, described as Middle Eastern, were acting strangely and talking loudly to each other in a foreign language.
Obama: cricket chirp
On Dec. 27, Abdulmutallab told FBI agents there are al Qaeda-trained young men just like him in Yemen planning to bring down American jets.
Obama: cricket chirp
Throughout the Christmas holiday break, thousands of people are forced to endure delays of up to three hours after strict new security rules were imposed overnight in the wake of the attempted terrorist bombing.
Obama: cricket chirp
White House sources tell ABC News the President will “likely” speak publicly about the alleged attempted terrorist attack on Flight 253 in the next few days.

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5 responses to “Obama Cricket Chirp

  1. Steve, don’t hide your feelings, okay? LOL
    Seriously, not only was this scumbag (who’s now missing a pair of Rocky Mountain Oysters) NOT profiled by airport security — despite having bought his plane tic with cash and having just one small carryon bag for a 2-week stay in Detroit! — he had a well-dressed guy do interference for him at the boarding gate and got on board WITHOUT HIS PASSPORT! A passenger flew from Amsterdam, Netherlands, to Detroit, USA, without a passport. Are your bodyguard security training alarm bells ringing?

  2. What kills me is the government knew about this guy, as HIS OWN FATHER told the government that he had dangerous terrorist ties! My dear God, when your own parent reports his kid like this, you would think they would give it the seriousness it deserves-the import it deserves. Parents usually try to protect their children, but in this case, the father had the best interests of the world at heart. If they simply looked at this fact alone, the father reporting his son, this would convey some kind of behavioral analysis! Yet, they ignored such an important clue! What gives!

    • Joan, good point about the father turning his own son in. Were it not for the pantibomber’s incompetence — he succeeded only in frying his “oysters” instead of detonating the explosives secreted in his underwear — flight 253 would have been blown out of the sky, killing everyone on board. Airline security neither spotted nor prevented pantibomber from boarding the plane. On the contrary, some well-dressed man talked the gate agents into letting pantibomber board without a passport.
      Instead of adopting the Israeli method of profiling, intelligence, and intensive grilling of suspicious passengers, Incompetano and the maroons in Homeland Insecurity are intensifying the present ineffective (because it’s indiscriminate) screening methods with full-body scanning machines in airports which are even more invasive of our privacy! We have geniuses running our government!


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