Obama Contemptuous of Restoring Honor Rally

Last Saturday, an estimated 300,000 to a million patriotic Americans showed up in Washington, DC, for the “Restoring Honor” rally organized by Glenn Beck.

But Obama, the President of the United States, couldn’t be bothered to even watch the rally on television. In an interview with NBC “Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams on Sunday afternoon, Obama was dismissive of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who assembled a mere skip and a hop away from the White House. Not only did he not watch the rally, Obama also said he wasn’t surprised that Beck was able to “stir up” people during uncertain economic times, thereby implying that Beck is a demagogue and those at the rally are easily-manipulated morons.
But then we really shouldn’t be surprised because even back in the 2008 prez campaign, Obama had contemptuously dismissed the majority of Americans as toothless racist rednecks who “cling to their bible and their guns.”
One more thing. In the interview Obama also made fun of “birthers” Obama truth-seekers, saying: “I can’t spend all of my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead.”
Tsk, tsk. Can you say “thin skinned”?
No, Obama. No one wants you to plaster your birth certificate on your forehead. We’d just like to see, for the first time, your original long-form birth certificate — one that a court of law certifies is real!
Oh, one last thing. We “birthers” ain’t quitting. Why quit while we’re ahead? Already we’ve succeeded in getting under that thin skin of yours. LOL 
Watch a video of the 3-hour rally HERE.
H/t beloved fellow tina!

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Doc's Wife
Doc's Wife

Glen Beck is awesome. What he put together is amazing. It gives me hope for our future if we can just put God back as #1 in this country. Enough PC Crap!! Yes, I cling to my guns and my religion, and I am PROUD to do so! Oh, and I am not some ignorant redneck who is simply stressed about the economy. It will probably be OK if we can just vote out the ragtag crooks in DC.

Ted Nougat
Ted Nougat

I heard today that CBS reported 87,000 people in the crowd. I am not sure which is worse; reporting such a number as that in a blatant attempt to minimize the true scope of this event, or report nothing at all, as most other networks apparently did.


i’m a st. louis cardinals fan and both tony larussa, the manager, and albert pujols, the star player, were on hand for the rally.


Now if Glenn Beck would stand on the fact-that the muslim fraud was not elected in accordance with our Constitution! he could help save the Country,but then again this could have been done a long time ago. Fox news chose not to. O’reilly turned down a chance to have Lt.Col Terry Lakin on his show. they are traitors.