Obama Complains About his Hair

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President Obama was in Durham, North Carolina on Monday speaking at a high-tech firm.  He reminded workers that he visited them three years ago on the campaign trail.

“Somebody in the plant showed me a picture of the two of us together and I looked so much younger then,” Mr. Obama said. “I’ve got a lot more gray hair now than I did the last time I visited. But I have a better plane so it’s a fair trade.

Our economy is in the tank and this guy is complaining about his hair? Give me a break…


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4 responses to “Obama Complains About his Hair

  1. Mad Angel is on FB

    He acts like he owns that plane….it may be at his disposal – for now….but he can’t keep it

  2. .Maureen Dowd was on point when she referred to Obama as “our first woman president”. No one cares about the discolored brillo on his empty head.

  3. there was a song out about 20 years ago or so and the song sampled an old rocky and bullwinkle episode where boris had invented a gas goof gas which he aimed at the u.s.’ s scientists and also at bullwinkle and the phrase “no brain no effect” was used over and over in the song… doesn’t this phrase fit perfectly with obama and his brain dead personna and his brain dead followers no brain no effect no brain no effect

  4. Do You know where to find this song?? Looking desperately, thanks.


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