Obama chucks Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel: Why we should be concerned

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Obama’s firing of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is a forewarning of dangers to come. In the words of Stratfor founder George Friedman who calls Obama “a failed presidency”: “The period of a failed presidency is…not a quiet time…. The last two years of a failed presidency are mostly about foreign policy and are not very pleasant to watch.”

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0 responses to “Obama chucks Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel: Why we should be concerned

  1. I always felt Obunko’s residency has been a failure since he won the demoncrap nomination for residency or the former USA
    Fasten your seatbelts and pray Psalm 91 over and over

  2. I’ll say it again-NOTHING this imposter does or says surprises me in the least;he proves,almost DAILY,that there’s NOTHING he won’t do,nothing he won’t stoop to,no boundary he won’t cross,to force his agenda on America.

  3. Correct: The Daily Outrage. Whenever he throws somebody under the bus, he replaces them with someone worse.
    I say they impeach him.
    I’d like to think the level of outrage in the country has increased to where we could foster a new political party,
    but the only people demonstrating are O-zone hood-lums.
    Anyway both D and R are so different than they used to be they might as well be new.
    We are so screwed


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