Obama chews gum at D-Day ceremonies in Normandy Beach

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70 years ago, June 6, 1944 was D-Day – the day of the beginning of the Normandy landings when US and Allied soldiers stormed the beaches of Normandy, France, to free Europe from the grip of Hitler and the Nazis.

The Normandy invasion began on June 4 and ended in mid-July, 1944, with a decisive Allied victory. It marked the beginning of the end of Nazi Germany and the European theater of WWII.

According to the US National D-Day Memorial Foundation, 4,414 Allied soldiers died that day, including 2,499 Americans. Were it not for all those brave men, so many of whom sacrificed their very lives, we’d all be living under the yoke of the Third Reich.

After ignoring the anniversary of D-Day for the past 4 years, this year Obama actually commemorated the historic day by jetting to Normandy Beach for the D-Day 70th anniversary ceremonies.

The reason? The POS wants to polish his image as Commander In Chief after all the military-related scandals — of Benghazi, V.A. hospitals, and the Bergdahl prisoner swap.

But he didn’t really want to be at the D-Day commemorative ceremony and he most certainly doesn’t really want to honor the military and the WW2 veterans. (See “Former U.S. defense secretary: Obama incompetent; suspicious of military”)

So, what did he do?

He chewed gum throughout the D-Day ceremonies, including during the welcome for Britain’s Queen Elizabeth — all captured on camera.

Here are two GIFs of the POS chewing gum at the 70th anniversary of D-Day ceremonies (from WeaselZippers):

Obama chews gumObama chews gum1

French Twitter exploded in outrage. Here’s one example:

Obama chews gum2But the American people aren’t told or shown by the media their President’s disgraceful behavior.

H/t FOTM’s DCG and pnordman


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0 responses to “Obama chews gum at D-Day ceremonies in Normandy Beach

  1. There should be a penalty for such utter disrespect.
    I suppose he was having a nicotine fit.

  2. You have to be American-cultured to know how disrespectful it is to chew gum in public. And yes, I do mean anywhere in public. You’re sending the message that you’re into yourself at the moment, and don’t want to talk to anyone. But chewing gum at the D-Day ceremony is inexcusable. Add it to his impeachable offenses (sarc maybe a little). Further proof he was born somewhere else? (more sarc). Gum is for chewing at home or in the car, for freshening breath, etc.

    • Obama’s been living in the United States at least since age 10 when his mom sent him back to Honolulu from Indonesia. He will be 53 years old in less than 2 months. Surely 43 years in America is long enough for the POS to know about the etiquette of gum-chewing.

  3. This poor excuse of a man is totally worthless! Except for being a bath house player! Semper Fi.

  4. Chewing gum is outlawed in most countries! Semper Fi.

  5. looks like he doesn’t want to be there. it’s very easy for him to tear down the military because he’s never been in it…I don’t think anyone in his administration has.

  6. Obama’s way of saying F**k you to us all, past and present. Arrogant b*****d!

  7. He has no class whatsoever.

  8. Actually, it wouldn’t have hurt my feelings if Barry Insane Obastard had ignored the D-Day observance this year, as well.

    He doesn’t belong there.

    But here is a heartwarming D-Day story about somebody that did belong there, and had to sneak away from his retirement home to do so.


  9. How low can we go? Round and round we go where it stops nobody knows

  10. …just another form of the middle finger salute. Oh God, please send us a class act next time.

  11. Okay, to give him the benefit of a doubt: maybe he had a problem with dry mouth, and was chewing gum to keep his mouth lubricated. I sued to do that.

  12. And I wonder what Barry the Boy Blunder is listening to in the ear piece he is wearing?

    Probably this.


  13. traildustfotm

    Great post, Dr. Eowyn. This is a day that reveals the truth about men and women. Obama has been tried, and found wanting.

  14. Oh, how I miss the Bushes!!

  15. Dennis H Bennett

    The half-colorfast occupant in POTUS office “leads” the way for the colorfast-only voters, thereby spreading the devaluation of our military and undermining the contributions of Bouchet, Carver, Bath and Dean to name a few. A child in a suit.

  16. What else would you expect from a muslim?

  17. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this amazing post. I am stunned. How disrespectful! This non-verbal communication speaks a thousand words. He is telling us that this occasion is not important, that he doesn’t care what happened, that he is bored, chewing gum like people do at baseball games.

  18. Just when you think the jug-eared scumbag can’t sink any lower…

  19. “He chewed gum throughout the D-Day ceremonies…”

    My bad thoughts indicated that he had to chew gun in order to take out the foul taste leftover from his lying/deceitful mouth and did the audience a favor by masking the scent of crap leftover from his speech. Or he simply is showing that he does NOT care, period.

  20. The person behind him is chewing , too! Did he share whit her? After all, caring is sharing! BTW Anyone notice that, his arms are crossed while chewing?.

    • I noticed it too and thought the same thing, but as I watched her face I realized she just moved her lower lip…that’s what I think.

  21. I just noticed the Kenyan mullah POS comrade destroyer is chewing gum while standing still.

    LOL – I guess we can infer that he cannot chew gum and walk at the same time.

    -Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. 😀


  22. I have a suggestion for what O’Bummer should have been chewing instead of gum. But I don’t want to offend any delicate sensibilities at this board.

  23. How embarrassing – and here in another fine moment of the week – check him out KISSING his spokesweasel Carney goodbye on camera:

  24. He is a total disgrace to all Americans, to the rule of law, to Western values and culture, and to the brave men who fought on those beaches in defense of freedom.

    He was probably listening to Bob Bergdahl recite his own arabic poetry praising the Taliban.

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