Obama chews gum, again. Indians incensed, insulted

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The POS is visiting India and making friends for the United States everywhere. /sarc
The Times of India reports that “In an ungainly sight, cameras caught US President Barack Obama chewing gum during the Republic Day parade on Monday,” Jan. 26, 2015. (Note: India is 10½ hours ahead of Washington, D.C.)
Republic Day honors the date on which the Constitution of India came into force on January 26, 1950, thereby completing the country’s transition from a British colony to becoming an independent republic.
This picture of Obama at the parade, removing his chewing gum while Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was talking to him, has gone viral.
Obama chews gum in India
Indians reacted with outrage on Twitter, including this remark by Shobhaa De:

“Barack bhai working his jaws overtime and chewing gum! At least it isn’t gutka. But seriously – gum during a formal parade?”

Gutka is an Indian chewing tobacco, mixed with crushed betel nut, catechin, slaked lime, and paraffin. As for “Barack bhai,” is bhai a reference to Obama being of the Bahai faith, regarded by some as a sect of Islam?
This is not the first time that Obama has been spotted chewing (presumably nicotine) gum during an important function.
Obama was slammed on social media for chewing gum at the APEC summit held in Beijing. He was also caught chewing gum at a ceremony at the 70th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy, France (see GIF below).
Obama chews gum1
I’m so ashamed and embarrassed for my country.   🙁
H/t Weekly Standard

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0 responses to “Obama chews gum, again. Indians incensed, insulted

  1. LMBO!! Well first off even the Indians can get it right and realize that Obama is in fact of Muslim faith/cult. The stupid of this country still can’t wrap their television soaked brains around that. As far as his tacky gum chewing it amazes me that people voted for a guy that was a member of a Choom Gang and then expect him to act with any class. REALLY???? He’s been back alley all his life and money does not buy class.

    • “He’s been back alley all his life and money does not buy class.” Yeppers, ya got him right out of the Chicago stock yards!
      At least when I lived there sixty years ago some of the best GRASS fed, non-GMO beef and pork came out of there, all good union-wage jobs, and never any cases of bad meats or spoiled carcasses. The good old days, for sure!

  2. Geee Barry, that shows real class…..real ghetto class that is. What other classy things can our lord and savior barak “Lucifer) Obama do to annoy and anger dignitaries during solemn events; scratch his butt or crotch, pick his nose, belch, brush the flies away that seem to be attracted to him. Of course there are also the times he felt it appropriate to whip out his obamaphone to snep off a few selfies
    If any other president in history had pulled half the boners that our beloved current POS has, he would have been dragged away and flogged..

  3. You know if he is a smoker and is craving a smoke he could use lozenges instead of chewing gum. It’s just another case of him just not giving a flying …. There’s an old saying I remember being taught as a kid in my family, and it’s really simple. ” Class Shows”
    Obviously skippy is the other side of this saying. 🙂

    • I guess he chews gum to keep his jaws limber for the Liars Olympics next month-or is THAT a lie,too?

      • Not so truckjunkie; the Liars Olympics doesn’t allow anyone to compete who makes a living telling lies, besides it would be comparable to a professional boxer stepping into the ring with girls scouts everyone knows the professional boxer would win{):-)

  4. I wonder if he later stashed the used gum under the chair he was sitting on.

  5. Reminds me of an old joke which I will paraphrase here:
    What do they do with all the foreskins after circumcisions?
    Obama uses them as chewing gum.
    (I don’t disrespect the office of president; I have no respect for the POS occupying the office)

  6. Why would his aides not get some nicotine patches for him to use–instead of embarrassing our nation abroad???

  7. Washington Post says Obama chews nicotine gum because he’s (still) trying to quit smoking ciggies. If he has throat cancer, we’ll learn about it sooner or later — more later than sooner, LOL. But the truth will be out, eventually.

  8. OK so he can obviously chew gum and lie his ass off at the same time.
    We are so screwed….America you better wake up fast.

  9. Like Frog said in Smokey and the Bandit-
    Classy guy.

  10. This guy isn’t even trying anymore. His disdain for all but a chosen few is so obvious. We joke about it but we would be much better off if he did just play golf all day every day!

  11. Chewing gum or not…..he’s still an unprecidented embarrassment at home and ESP. ABROAD….I’m sure someone can dig up info about a past president who was just as clueless,rude, crude, shallow, and driven by an effete personal pride in his OWN imagined ” worth and abilities” as is this sorry example of our present “Leader of the Free World,” but I, for one, expect a looooong, cold, empty pause in history before we do.


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