Obama changes military personnel policy to require top officers be reviewed by subordinates

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Design by BKeyser

The POS in the White House is hellbent on destroying our military — the most powerful military in the world.
First, he got rid of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. But that wasn’t enough. Homosexuals are given preferential treatment in the military, whereas critics are silenced and punished.
Next came the purging of military officers, including five senior officers (Gen Carter Ham, Adm. Charles Gaouette, Gen. David Patraeus, Gen. John Allen, and Gen. James Mattis), as well as many lower-level officers. The latter include 157 U.S. Air Force officers who were fired on the eve of their retirement to avoid paying their pensions.
Next, VA hospitals are taking guns away from “disabled” veterans. (See “Obama regime prohibits disabled veterans from owning firearms and ammunition,” “Psychiatrist confirms Obama’s plan to confiscate guns from military vets,” and “CT police confiscated firearms from disabled Navy veteran.”)
Now, President Sauron has turned his evil eye to destroying the military’s command structure by requiring, for the first time in U.S. history, generals and admirals to be evaluated by their subordinates.
This change in military personnel policy ostensibly is to ensure that senior commanding officers will be people of good moral character. If you believe that, then you must also believe in the Easter Bunny. As if this president actually is concerned about moral character given:

There is no assurance that military subordinates will eschew politics in their evaluation of their superiors, nor is there a mechanism in place to prevent the intrusion of nonmilitary political matters into the personnel review process.

This whole thing stinks!!!

H/t Combat Veterans for Congress and FOTM’s WildBillAlaska

Martin DempseyChairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey

Here are excerpts from Thom Shanker’s article for the New York Times, April 13, 2013:
After a series of scandals involving high-ranking officers, the American military for the first time will require generals and admirals to be evaluated by their peers and the people they command on qualities including personal character.
The new effort is being led by Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as part of a broad overhaul of training and development programs for generals and admirals. It will include new courses to train the security detail, executive staffs and even the spouses of senior officers.
Saying he was “disturbed about the misconduct issues,” General Dempsey said that evaluations of top officers needed to go beyond the traditional assessment of professional performance by superior officers alone. He said that he had decided the changes were necessary “to assess both competence and character in a richer way.”
“You can have someone of incredible character who can’t lead their way out of a forward operating base because they don’t have the competence to understand the application of military power, and that doesn’t do me any good,” General Dempsey said. “Conversely, you can have someone who is intensely competent, who is steeped in the skills of the profession, but doesn’t live a life of character. And that doesn’t do me any good.”
A significant number of military personnel have been investigated, penalized and fired in recent months for poor judgment, financial malfeasance and sexual improprieties or sexual violence. Others were relieved for inappropriate leadership judgment while in command.
General Dempsey said that regularly scheduled professional reviews would be transformed from top-down assessments to the kind of “360-degree performance evaluation” often seen in corporate settings. He acknowledged that the change had already drawn concern from some in the military’s senior ranks, who warned that it risked damaging a hierarchical command system based on discipline and adherence to orders from above.
[…] It is likely that the review will lead to a reduction in the overall number of generals and admirals, and the size of personal staffs, communications teams and security details. The review also looked at whether administrative staff members assigned to commanders had been used to run personal errands for officers and their spouses.
Among the serious cases of misconduct in recent months, the four-star general who previously served as the top officer in Africa, William Ward, was demoted to three-star general after an investigation into misuse of government funds, including lavish travel with his wife. A one-star officer, Jeffrey A. Sinclair, is facing a court-martial on sexual misconduct charges involving a subordinate.’
[…] Under General Dempsey’s plan, teams of inspectors will observe and review the procedures of commanders and their staffs. The inspections will not be punitive, but will provide a “periodic opportunity for general officers and flag officers to understand whether, from an institutional perspective, we think they are inside or outside the white lines,” he said. In addition, new programs will be instituted to ensure that a commander’s staff, and a spouse, are fully aware of military regulations.
[…] The list of subordinates asked to assess a senior leader would be drawn from those who had direct interaction with the commander.
General Dempsey said that both President Obama and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel had approved the measures and given him free rein to carry them out as he saw fit.

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0 responses to “Obama changes military personnel policy to require top officers be reviewed by subordinates

  1. How can we possibly be this screwed up! This is designed to demoralize the military–not build it up.

    • Auntie Lulu, take heart.
      “We” are NOT screwed up. This is a complete misrepresentation of the American people, and comes straight from the heart of darkness.

  2. Obama keeps getting peer reviews from his constituents but he pays no attention. this is more fluff that will nit help morale or recruiting.

  3. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this most excellent and revealing post. The king is crooked to the core, as evidenced as how he is now getting rid of his enemies, the wonderful and competent members of the military hierarchy. Now he will blame getting rid of them on the subordinates which individuals have been chosen by him and/or members of his regime. Horrible and crooked! Indeed, the devil is in the details and the devil is alive and well in this administration that rabidly promotes the murder of little babies, children in the womb, and infanticide!

  4. If O is the commander in chief, does this mean that all military personnel are going to review him?

    • The law of unintended consequences! I love it!
      Thanks Mike!

    • Brilliant! Simply brilliant!
      Alas, it’ll never happen. See “U.S. Army tells soldiers don’t criticize Obama,” Mar. 13, 2013.

      • It happens, just not publicly.
        You should see the walls of the porta-johns in the sandbox 🙂

        • He He! At Camp Buehring Kuwait, I wrote the following on a porta-john wall, “Use of the left hand for hygenic purposes is mandatory, as per Kuwaiti Ministry of Health.”
          Another one I wrote on at FOB Delta, Iraq could have some relevance here in a slightly modified form. It goes as follows, “Due to Bluewater splashback, all turds 6″ or longer must be hand-lowered into tank.”
          Just simply substitute the word “turd,” with “POS!” What’s the diff? It’s all the same, they both draw flies and stink! 😉

          • You guys get creative over there 🙂

            • Yep, it happens when one has too much time on their hands and too many Sharpie markers, lol.

          • I love the sense of humor you bring to the table!

            • Thank you. As bad as things are in this world, a little levity is desperately needed. We all need something to keep our spirits up, to keep us in the fight! If my humor ever gets too extreme, Please let me know and i’ll tone it down a bit. The only people I want to offend is those we struggle against, both domestic and abroad.
              Thank you for your kind words! 🙂

    • Mike, what DA Form do I need to fill out? You tell me, and I’m on it like stink on sh……obama! He He!

  5. Now if you combine this with the Democrats’ endless desire for reinstitution of the draft, what you get is something like the “Occupy” movement inside the military.

  6. Why waste any more time waiting for the Administration to come with more of their brilliant ideas? Why don’t we just visit or call the offices of our
    representatives on the Hill who are on in their districts right now and tell them that they have to make sure that any agenda that is anti Constitutional is completely off limits. They have to face the fact that they took oaths to defend the Constitution and when faced by their constituents all saying you have to do what’s right, otherwise you won’t have a job, because the United States won’t exist any longer, and any promises that may have been made to you on behalf of Satan won’t be kept. He is a trickster and will laugh in their faces when the whole thing has blown up, and they are all thinking that they will be okay because they did his bidding, they will thank you for helping them out, better to stand up and fight for the Constitution while it’s the Law of the Land…………………………………….if the high jinks carry on very much longer the states will be disbanded and we will have a bunch of micro states just like they are planning for Syria etc. God will never forsake us so let’s band together and let them have it, they’re home for about two weeks I think.


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