Political Correctness Is Killing Us

U.S. President Obama bows to king of Islamic Saudi Arabia

Obama bows to king of Islamic Saudi Arabia

Robert K. Wilcox is a well-published author whom I am proud to call my friend. His latest book is Target: Patton: The Plot to Assassinate General George S. Patton (2008). An updated revised edition of The Shroud (of Turin) will be published this spring.
By Robert K. Wilcox www.robertkwilcox.com
When are we going to wake up? We are at war. Not with right-wingers, returning vets, or mean nasty corporations as Homeland Security Czar Janet Napolitano once suggested. Rather we are at war with Islamic Fascists. And they aren’t fooling around. They want us dead.
Yet the Obama Administration won’t admit that. Or worse, blinded by political correctness, they actually don’t think we are at war. In the meantime, Islamic Jehadists, well aware of our confusion, take advantage and continue to mount attacks. Even if they don’t succeed, they wreak havoc in the form of oppressive and largely useless security at our airports, and with our pocket books as we pay $50 billion a year to implement the security.  
But without official recognition of the war, and the focus that will give, that security will continue to falter.
Like it did at 9-11.
Like it did with the “shoe bomber,” Richard Reid, who tried to blow up an American Airlines jet with explosives in his clandestine sneakers.
Like it did with Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan who murdered 13 and wounded 38 at Ft. Hood, Texas, even though he’d telegraphed his intentions for years.
Like it did with Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Nigerian who set himself on fire aboard a Northwest Airlines passenger jet just this Christmas in an obvious attempt to defile one of Christianity’s holiest days.
We didn’t think about the fact that the enemy might want to do that on Christmas?
What did each of these attacks have in common?
They were done by Muslim terrorists. Our president however doesn’t seem to know this. Even if he does, he won’t acknowledge it. When Maj. Hasan went on his rampage shouting “Allahu Akbar,” Obama said we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. After silence for days this Christmas, the president finally came out and called Nigerian Abdulmutallab an “isolated extremist.” Who does the president think he’s kidding? We now know, Hasan and Abdulmutallab were in communication with Anwar al Awlaki, the Yemini Imam who has ties to the 9/11 hijackers. He’s an al Qaeda recruiter!
This denial has got to stop. Our airport security is not only ineffective, it’s like a rogue elephant stomping to find a pebble in a field of haystacks. If it does, it’s luck. In the meantime, it causes severe disruption and penalty in our lives. And for what? Reactive defense? Whatever they do we change our policies to try to uncover the last type of attack. They just hatch a new way to kill or at least disrupt.
In the end, objects like guns and bombs don’t down an airplane. A determined terrorist does. What we need is a clear declaration from the White House that we are at war so security can stop the ineffective don’t-offend-anyone-but-the-traveler tactics and focus on finding the fanatics.
That means, among other things — hold your gasps, deniers of the war – profiling.
The safest airline flying is El Al, Israel’s national carrier. It hasn’t had a terrorist attack in 30 years. A large part of the reason is profiling — not arbitrarily, but systematically and with great care toward spotting the potential trouble maker. A little old lady from Peoria — very likely strip searched in America — probably isn’t going to catch their attention. Basically they isolate and interview all passengers at a checkpoint. A “profiler” — and that’s what they call him — has to be satisfied that things seem kosher before the passenger is allowed to proceed. They are using everything from noting nervousness to ethnic makeup in their determination. Undoubtedly they have a wealth of coordinated data (as we should) to consult should they get suspicious.
Until we get serious about the war with Islamic Fascism, drop the politically correct blinders and declare the seriousness of our situation in order to infuse a sense of the real danger we are up against, airline travel in America is going to continue to be a major headache largely for naught and very possibly a death trip to those unlucky victims of the smarter enemy who are taking advantage of our impotent efforts.

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Maybe it’s because Obama’s middle name is “Hussein?” He has an Islamic background. I listened to the Israeli airport security head on T.V., and he said that you have to “put people in a box” in order to find the terrorists-i.e. we must profile. This is a religious war.


In another comment I said –
Generally understood as “political correctness” because the libs supposedly define what is “correct”, and they jump on any who don’t obey them.
However, if anyone claiming to be a conservative ever practices it, the definition MUST change – call it Political Cowardice.
Just to remind some GOP folks who may be tempted by tainted hand-outs.


Tempted by tainted handouts – try this list:
Nelson, Dodd, Landrieu, Reid, Waters, Sanders, Levin, Sanders, etc., etc. That’s the Chicago Way with this administration. hopeandchange my arse…


Saw Hannity the other day – some old guy (older and wiser than me) mentioned part of the constitution – “giving comfort to the enemy” etc.