Obama Birth Certificate Press Appearance

[Note his rapid eye blinking. Note also he took no questions from the press.]
True to his nature, Obama is in full scapegoating mode.
He blames everyone but himself for what he calls “distractions” from the real issues and problems of our country.
Without explicitly identifying the birthers, he calls liars those U.S. citizens who only ask to see his original long-form birth certificate instead of an online image of a secondary document, the COLB. Obama calls us vulgar “carnival barkers” in “side shows” who “just make stuff up and pretend that facts are not facts”.
Obama, you are the carnival barker, the 3-ring circus master.
By refusing to produce your long-form birth crtificate for more than two years, you are responsible for the “distractions” and the “side shows”. And if is you who could have prevented the court martial, conviction and imprisonment of a righteous man, Bronze Star-recipient Army surgeon Dr. Terry Lakin, if you had produced the birth certificate sooner.
Shame on you!

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ok, whatever. My questions still remain, especially about the Natural Born Citizen issue, the SS# and why on earth Obama’s first act after being inaugurated was to seal ALL his records. Why would anyone do that? It simply makes no sense…..and if it was simply because he could, then it is an illustration of such overblown florid Narcissism that shows that there is something seriously wrong/ amiss with this creep and he simply is unfit to serve. What I wonder is What Is The Other Hand Doing? What is happening today that caused Obama to choose this day to avert… Read more »


he just committed yet another crime. We need to defend our Constitution.

Candance Moore
Candance Moore

Cut him some slack. Community organizers aren’t trained on how to handle life any differently.