Black-racist Obama-appointee wants to exclude whites from voting


Mel Watt has “no use” for whites in the democratic process.

The Daily Caller reports that Obama has nominated Congressman Mel Watt D-NC) will be the nominee to head the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), which regulates the government-sponsored mortgage companies  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
67-year-old Watt, a former chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, once declared that white Americans should be denied suffrage.
On Oct. 14, 2005, during a Washington hearing held by the National Commission on the Voting Rights Act, Watt said:
“There would be a substantial majority of white voters who would say that under no circumstances would they vote for an African American candidate. [The Voting Rights Act should be expanded to] adjust districts to take [racially motivated voting] into account. [Those white voters] “need to be factored out of the equation [because] I’ve got no use for them in the democratic process.”
According to a contemporaneous report of the hearing published by the Cybercast News Service, Watt said that black voters — unlike whites — don’t have “an absolute commitment” to voting for a candidate based on race because “Black people have not had the luxury of being able to say, ‘Under no circumstances will I vote for a white candidate.'”
Belying Watt’s racist assertions, in the 2008 presidential election, an overwhelming 95% of blacks and 43% of whites voted for Obama — the largest share for any Democrat in a two-man race since 1976. Those white Obama voters must be fake white people!

In 2004, Ralph Nader accused Watt of hurling a “racial epithet” at him during a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus who urged Nader, the progressive independent presidential candidate, to suspend his campaign and instead support John Kerry. Nader claimed Watt called him “just another arrogant white man – telling us what we can do – it’s all about your ego – another f–king arrogant white man.”
Watt is the second African-American to be handpicked for a Cabinet position this week, following Charlotte mayor Anthony Foxx’s nomination for Transportation Secretary.
H/t The Federalist and FOTM’s tina & Miss May


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Our first gay president has appointed a black racist to head up Freddie’s Fannie? That’s just wrong.
So am I racially motivated against the president’s black half, or his white half? Just trying to identify what kind of racist I am.
And being “Black Irish” makes the question even more confusing.


Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this revealing post. I am not surprised as to the king’s appointment to further actualize his liberal agenda.


I’m sure as heck not biased, no way, I don’t like either half of him.

Mark Tipton

As much as I hate to sound like I am defending anyone here, in their defense, they could be dead white voters could they not? :/


Well here goes, no more mister nice guy, If he don’t like me cause I am White.
Then I don’t like him cause he is Stupid and Black.
You wanna play color, let’s go. I will judge you by the content of your character first, then color.
It has got to stop. We have overcome racial prejudice for 40 yrs. .
Barrack and these idiots have set it back 40 yrs. I will no longer sit back and be bashed because of the color of my skin.
Game on.
You bash, we bash back. It’s in your court you racist punk.


About time white people stick up for white rights… don’t you think?