Obama announces U.S. "counterterrorism" policy against ISIL

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The Islamic State is not Islamic?

Who knew? /sarc

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0 responses to “Obama announces U.S. "counterterrorism" policy against ISIL

  1. B-b-b-b-utt – I’m speechless!

  2. There are now dozens of reportages on the Internet on how the CIA created ISIL after it was done w/al-Qaeda, so after dropping tens of billions these past six years on making a new false enemy to sustain the military-industrial heart of the USSA, we’ll now spend billions more destroying it. This is the same ‘strategy’ as the US now sending in bomber jets to blow up US-supplied weapons which the ‘new’ Iraqis left behind to ISIL….
    The more it changes, the more…. it looks like classic blow-back of a very major kind. Chalmers must be laughing himself sick over this one!

    • Joseph-on political velcraft there is an article good read-“10 Signs That Muslim Brotherhood’s ISIS Is An NWO Psyop. Many questions that none of the controlled media or journalists will dare ask.

  3. I saw a comment last night that rang true: “If this CIC believes his own lies, we cannot win.”

  4. The eyes are the window of the soul. Watched his eyes while he talked–no light there.

  5. No Soul,PMB.


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