Obama and the Left Silent On Vicious Racial Assault in McDonald's

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Last week, on April 22, two female customers brutally assaulted another customer in a McDonald’s fast food restaurant in Baltimore County, Maryland. The attackers are black. The victim, 22-year-old Chrissy Polis, is white and reportedly a transgender.
McDonald’s employees stood by, doing nothing. Worse still, the video was shot by an employee who can be heard laughing.
Eventually, a good Samaritan stepped in to stop the attack. But the vicious attackers punched her too. Vicki Thoms, 55, told 11 News:

“I think it’s terrible. I think it’s inhumane. When they started really hurting her, to the point where I thought she was going to die, that’s when I decided someone needed to do something. I kept screaming, ‘Stop. Get off of her.’ And they wouldn’t stop. One of the girls said to me, ‘It’s none of your (expletive) business,’ and hit me in the face.”

One of the attackers, 18-year-old Teonna Monae Brown, has been charged with first degree assault and second degree assault. Her co-attacker, 14, is being charged as a juvenile.
Prosecutors said they are “considering” possible hate crime charges “based on sexual orientation.” It’s never a “hate crime” if blacks assault non-blacks! — as the ethnic Chinese community in Oakland, California know only too well. A year ago, two black teenagers brutally attacked and killed a middle-aged Chinese immigrant man, Tian Sheng Yu, at 18th St. and Telegraph Avenue.
Here’s Victor Davis Hanson’s comment:

“The past week a sensationalized video of a transgendered female in extremis went viral on the blogosphere. Two young African-American women beat her senseless at a McDonald’s restaurant. The African-American staff is shown in the clip as mostly passive bystanders to the brutality. Yet I know this nationally viewed abhorrence is not a teachable moment about much of anything. Unlike the Professor Gates mix-up, this public spectacle will not be used by the president to warn us about the wages of incivility or the need for a new racial tolerance and understanding. Nor will there be, among the homosexual community, much of a national Matthew Shepard moment seeking to present the public beating as a symbol of a wider hatred of the sexually ambiguous among us. There is about as much chance of a Hollywood movie about the incident as there is of a sequel to Rendition. At best, we are to accept such violence as inevitable, as the powerless sometimes thrash out against the more privileged classes and races; at worst, these are the tragic wages of prior oppression that must be contextualized and constructed in the proper narrative of the centuries.”


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0 responses to “Obama and the Left Silent On Vicious Racial Assault in McDonald's

  1. There was another example of black on white violence highlighted by The Blaze today. Personally, I don’t buy into hate crime legislation; I can hate someone without committing a crime against them, though if I commit a crime against someone, what difference does it make if I hate them, or just not real fond of them at the moment?
    But what appears to be happening is a deepening divide amongst the races in this country and it’s perpetuated by the use of race in politics. The race card is constantly being played against Tea Partiers, and it’s mentioned over and over again by national news media, even if lately it’s in pieces about the race card being played. People hear it and some people believe it and some more people get it in their head that everything is racially motivated.
    It’s sad what this country has become under the leadership of crack dealers.

    • Candance Moore

      I think the problem is that “hate crime” is a poorly coined term. The premise behind hate crime charges is that the victim was attacked for no other reason than race or sex, not particularly because they were “hated” by the attacker.
      In this case from McDonald’s, it indeed looks that way. The attackers didn’t know the victim from boo, didn’t have anything against her personally, just attacked her because of what she looked like.
      I hate PC wimpiness as much as anyone, but vicious attacks motivated by racism should be prosecuted harder.

  2. well if the left didn’t say anything about the wichita, ks massacre they aren’t going to say anything about this. it sort of who really is the racist? who backs affirmative action (racist discrimination) who has revised history to fit their particular agenda? as long as the race hucksters are still given airtime to spread their racist agenda and repeat their racist rhetoric over and over it becomes easier for the simple minded to believe all of their problems are the result of racial discrimination.. institutional racism dumb down the educational curriculum because it is racist that so many minorities can not comprehend the class work..

  3. Screw Whitey, s/he deserved it somehow… thank you, left/liberals, for that political correctness.
    Kalavan explores this further in “How to Behave During an Islamic Massacre”:

  4. One law for us, one law for them.

  5. This transexual Christopher Lee Polis is a mutilated person and don’t sympathise. Before this 2011 case, Christopher Lee Polis in 2007 committed assault&battery on an eldery woman but charge was dismissed. In 2008, Christopher Lee Polis committed assault&battery on elderly man but this time he plead guilty.
    Since I believe Christopher Lee Polis was guilty of beating up the elderly woman in 2007, Christpher Lee Polis beaing beaten up by 2 Black girls is the Black girls doing what the Maryland leagal system didn’t do in 2007. Transexuals are evil people and people who maim themselves are more likely to be antisocial. Christopher Lee Polis deserves no sympathy.


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