Obama Aide: 'Irrelevant Fact' Where President Was During Benghazi Attacks

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9:48 AM, MAY 19, 2013 • BY DANIEL HALPER
Obama aide Dan Pfeiffer said it’s an “irrelevant fact” where the president physically was during the Benghazi terror attack on September 11, 2012:
Please Pay attention at 1:13 mark
“every hearing has found it’s been a tragedy”

Oh Really now!

Host Chris Wallace reminds Pfeiffer that Obama didn’t really talk with Secretary Clinton, Secretary Panetta, or Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, that night. “He was talking to his national security staff,” Pfeiffer insists.
Asked about whether the president entered the Situation Room, Pfeiffer says, “I don’t remember what room the president was in on that night, and that’s a largely irrelevant fact.”

Pfeiffer then argues that Wallace’s questions about the president’s handling of the Benghazi terror attack are “offensive.”

And now a word from our resident lunatic. “offensive…Offensive” No you little twit, this is offensive.


look at it..look at it you perverted PIECE of excrement. while your boss was getting his nails done and god knows what else at the down low club. this man and 3 others died. that is offensive to me and about 80% of the nation. More important. it’s OFFENSIVE to god.


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0 responses to “Obama Aide: 'Irrelevant Fact' Where President Was During Benghazi Attacks

  1. It’s the Hillary (type) response – it really doesn’t matter now. All anyone needs to know is that Obama is existential. He’s a Nowhere man. He can’t be blamed for anything:
    Scandal ridden Obama Presidency: Short summary

  2. There is no end to the arrogance of this pestilence. But the day of reckoning and of justice will come!

  3. What difference does it make?
    I can’t STAND this admin anymore!

  4. fresh new lies from a fresh new face.

  5. Bush got bashed for waiting 7 minutes to read to children after a terrorist attack on 9/11. Obama was unavailable, after a terrorist attack on 9/11, and it is the Republicans fault for making up a scandal after the administration blamed it on a video that had nothing to do with it.

  6. I’m guessing he was busy playing Hide the Salami with Reggie.

  7. Oh, it very much does matter and they know it. Despite a few sudden bursts of objectivity by some in the fake stream media, they are in full spin mode and their deflector shields are fully up once again for this guy.

  8. The SEAL 6 group security leak by this administration was for self aggrandizement. How about a BENGHAZI movie to strut out their accomplishments to the USA?

  9. The day of reckoning seems to have arrived already, especially now the EPA is being investigated on top of all the other things that are almost at boiling point now, isn’t it time to make a move to have a responsible group of people take over the helm until we can get the US back on track. There’s a bill in the Senate now to reinstate Glass Steagall at last…………….. then the austerity measures can be put on ice, etc. There is support from many EU countries for this because there is high unemployment rife over there. The war on Syria and Iran could go on ice too while we’re at it. It really isn’t important where he was that night because the die is cast. He was AWOL.
    Now that’s taken care of, what exactly was the purpose of Ambassador Stevens visit to this poorly guarded ill constructed CIA mission that fateful night? Did he walk into a trap? How come he was not somewhere safe and sound that day where he could take care of ambassadorial business without endangering his associates? Why on earth did he go somewhere that was guarded by a local, Al Qaeda connected band of thugs? The State Department needs to explain why they had these Martyrs or whatever they’re known as working for the US, and why we had an Ambassador working in this rickety outpost? Moochelle stays in the very best hotels when she travels overseas why was Christopher Stevens hanging out in a location that was not officially known to the host government as a place where US diplomacy was being carried out? All this covert cloak and dagger stuff is a complete waste of time, we really have to get on with fixing the world economy. Wallowing in this Satanic bloodshed day after day, week after week is utterly disgusting, and we need to be careful because the time at hand to stop this becoming the biggest trainwreck ever is short.
    Give us wisdom Lord, according to your promise.

  10. Sorry everybody if you think I”m really callous, but since Barack Obama has become the resident of the WH there has been nothing done by him that makes his absence that evening surprising. Even if they had dragged him into the situation room off the golf course or from watching basketball on TV it really wouldn’t have any good. The flimsy organization known as the US Consulate in Benghazi was unravelling and noone has come forward yet to explain exactly Christopher Stevens, Hillary Clinton, David Petraeous et al had in mind that day. They all were part of a huge movement that is known as the Arab Spring which is in limbo right now, because Assad hasn’t been assassinated or stepped down yet. The American people are really not up for another major war, are we? These people are playing with fire and it’s really getting out of control. So yes I know that it’s awful that this happened and I”m so sad for the families of the brave soldiers who helped him, they shouldn’t have to deal with these deaths, it is really terrible, and so unnecessary. But the major players are all still in the game and it isn’t getting any more desirable, and maybe this investigation will alert the citizens of the US to the fact that it’s time to pull the Communication Cord.
    We have a massive deployment of weaponry and forces surrounding China and Russia, and any thing that can derail an attack on either of those two nations because of the aftermath of the war with Libya and now what’s going on in Syria and Iran etc. Netanyahu is openly fighting in Syria now as well as Palestine, it couldn’t get much more intense.

  11. The only person that can make an order to stand down during an attack on Americans is the president only. Obama should be in prison and chained to the wall for life.

    • This president is allowed to kill Americans without a trial and keep them detained indefinitely without legal representation. He also engages in a killing people list making every week and sends out drones via his various departments to kill people in his covert wars at will.
      He is reportedly interested in watching and rewatching the live and recorded videos of these attacks. There is a law that states that if a president is seen to be in a state that demonstrates that he is not able to perform his duties in accordance with the oath he takes when he is inaugurated then Congress can relieve him of his duties or a member of his Cabinet can also do that, and he would have time to appeal to Congress for the right to be reestablished but during that time the reins would be put in the hands of a Congressional Board who would run the nation. It is very upsetting to hear that he was the only person who could give an order for his military to stand down during the attack, and the responsibility for this action has not yet been acknowledged. If Congress and the Cabinet continue to dodge the essential questions and stop picking at things which are scandalous but don’t get us the result we really are desperately in need of. We the people have to get in touch with our representatives and insist that they take control of the running of this country and have some intelligent capable qualified men and women placed in the key positions at least to start with, before filling the lesser positions with other intelligent capable qualifed men and women. Anyone who has been connected with the authorization of the utilization of terrorists in the actions that the USA has become involved with abroad in connection with hoped for regime changes and the like should be set aside in favor of those who are able to restrain their greed and restrain themselves from hiring mercenary thugs and radicals to do their dirty work for them. If we continue to have dealings with these “jolly good chaps” that these militants are sometimes described as when they are put to use on behalf of the US then situations like the Benghazi massacre will be endless. The attack was videoed live by a drone, they had permission to fly their drones at that time from the Libyan government.
      They said they didn’t have time to fly warplanes to provide assistance to the attacked US officials.
      Really? Who was watching the live video stream of the attack? YOu are recommending imprisonment as a remedy of this horror show. Who will conduct the trial? Will it be held in the Supreme Court?
      Perhaps we should take some preventative steps such as getting a responsible group of Congressmen and women to take over the day to day running of the US agenda and put the wars and covert wars, and austerity etc etc on hold. Then when the dust settles we might have been able to get some honest just and right minded people in the DOJ and working in the Supreme Court etc. We also need to get a program on track to put people back in their homes and back to work and our children at least, eating properly.
      Not on food stamps, that doesn’t mean they are getting proper nourishment and how are they expected to grow up and be contributors to society if they are malnourished badly educated and poorly taken care of healthwise. How about providing some meaningful work projects for this nation to get back to healthy wealthy and wise status.
      Just putting one person in prison won’t make all this happen, we need a reversal of the genocidal policy that is currently being pursued by the leaders of the Western world. What do you say>?

  12. donna feistel

    makes sense….except for the lack of justice for Benhahzi! what well written thoughts Alice Wolfe. I don’t totally understand the specifics of issues but it sounds and feels like a spy novel to me with all the unknown goings on. Persomally, I’m finding myself getting more irritable and angry everyday seeing the decline of our Great America at the hands of this “administration”.

  13. Michael Savage is correct . Liberalism IS a mental disease . Listening to this d(ckhead is living proof . You have to wonder what these people are thinking when spewing this crap with a straight face . Do they actually think people are buying this b.s. ? Oh , that’s right . They did last Nov. At least 51% did . USELESS A$$HOLES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. As far as what he’s made of, I assure you that you could scrape better quality stuff from the inside wall of my garbage can.

  15. It matters enormously! I always thought the president was on call 24 hours a day. I have a few thoughts about where he was and what he was doing, but this is a family-friendly site! From President Please to President Sleaze!

  16. On the subject of Democrat Liars:


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