Obama adviser thinks stay-at-home moms are lazy slackers

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Yesterday, interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper on the “war on women” (whatever that means), Hilary Rosen, an adviser to stalking horse for Obama and the Democratic National Committee, lobbed an insult at the wife of Mitt Romney, Ann.
Rosen said:

“Guess what, his wife has actually never worked a day in her life.”

I honestly had never seen a woman who has never worked a day in her life! So I found a picture of Ann Romney when she was younger and the mother of five, just so readers of Fellowship of the Minds can see what a woman who “has actually never worked a day in her life” looks like:

64-year-old Ann Romney is also a grandmother of 16.
In addition to being an Obama and DNC adviser, Hilary Beth Rosen worked for  the music industry (Recording Industry Association of America) from 1994 to 2003 as first its president, then chairman and chief executive, and its chief Washington lobbyist. She then became a political commentator for CNBC and MSNBC.
An out lesbian, Rosen had twins (boy and girl) with her partner, attorney and fellow LBGT activist Elizabeth Birch. Sadly, the couple split up in 2006.
Here’s a pic of Rosen (left), Birch (r), and their (adopted?) twins:

Shame on you, Hilary Rosen, for demeaning the work and value of mothers and wives. And you call yourself a feminist?
The real “War on Women” is being waged by sick ideologues like Hilary Rosen and her advisee, the illegal squatter in the White House.

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0 responses to “Obama adviser thinks stay-at-home moms are lazy slackers

  1. lowtechgrannie

    Scratch a feminist and you find an LGBT (or is it LBGT or LTBG?) I never use that acronym because I can never remember the politically correct sequence. I know it starts with an “L” because ladies go first! LOL

    • BLT on rye. 🙂

    • I remember the order with the rhythm of how it sounds when you’re saying it. I recently heard of LGBTQ, the “Q” meaning “questioning” one’s orientation OR whether one wishes he/she were the opposite sex. I first heard of “questioning” when I was watching a video by this teenage girl who has a channel on YouTube dedicated to makeup and other beauty products. She is 16 and instead of having a normal female friend, her best friend is a gay boy. She was showing us a technique to do a rainbow eyeshadow look that she and her friend were going to wear to an LGBTQ pride rally. She informed us that she was going to be wearing a shirt that said, “F___ Hate!” I was curious and wrote a comment asking her what did her parents think and she said they supported LGBT “rights.” She lives in Connecticut, is that a really liberal state?

  2. Those lesbians are just really gross. I’m not a big fan of Mitt Romney, but his wife is what most men want in a woman. Someone who is nice and wants children. In that regard, I have a lot of respect for Ann Romney.
    The progressive loons can’t stand her because deep down inside, these women desparately want to be like Ann Romney; normal, but somehow they got caught up in the feminist movement. Now they’ll really pay the price in their mid live and elderly years with no biological children to love them when they are old people. What a screwed up way to live. Well, it isn’t living. It’s existing under the bondage of evil.
    They did the same thing to Sarah Palin. Now, I don’t care for the political system, but this is an example of why talented people won’t run for office because it could destroy their family.
    Let me give you women a tip. A man wants a woman like Ann Romney or Sarah Palin. Not so much for any appearance or looks, but for the reason of cultivating a family. Men really want women like that and that’s why the liberal psychos get upset.

  3. She is a radical LGBT activist, that says it all.

  4. She makes me sick. The contempt coming from her mouth was disgusting.

    • Like a left/liberal loon who leaves the kids in daycare since birth in favor of career, divorce, etc. would know more their children’s education, well-being, etc. like she presumes…

  5. What an idiot! Look at all of Mrs. Romney’s children! She must have worked very hard devoting her life to all of her children. That Mrs. Romney did not work is ridiculous and horribly unfair and completely unrealistic, wherein such a conclusion is an indictment in and of itself of the idiocy of the person making the conclusion.

  6. Like the Priest or Nun lecturing on “Family” or the Government chaufeured political appointee going on and on denigrating the REAL sacrifices caused by outrageous gas prices – they all have little or no PRACTICAL grip on of what they speak!

  7. I can just hear Hillary (both of them) thinking: “Hard work doesn’t bother me … I can sit and watch it for HOURS!”
    These effete Government snobs wouldn’t know REAL “work” if it came up and slapped them in the face!

  8. I’m not crazy about the idea of Elder Mitt becoming the next POTUS, but he’s certainly a better choice than the Skipstrocity. But to bash Ann Romney, a woman who’s raised five decent sons, struggled with multiple sclerosis, and survived breast cancer, for not working outside the home, is just hateful and judgmental. Besides, her husband’s worth a quarter billion…what’s she gonna do, work at Hallmark in the mall for ten bucks an hour to prove something to Hilary Rosen?

  9. First – I think you know this isn’t what this lady meant when she said it. I realize this conveniently matches what you “what” it to mean so you an stand on a pulpit of “stay at home mom’s are the hardest workers in the world and democrats think they are lazy”, but that is simply not what she said.
    Second – you don’t take what every liberal says as words from Obama’s mouth unless you were willing to concede that what every conservative says is from Romney’s mouth. And there are some whacked out conservatives out there – favor stoning women who aren’t virgins at marrriage anyone?
    I will says this though – 80% of stay at home mom’s I know are lazier than hell. No this isn’t Obama saying it, it’s one person’s experience. Back in the 60’s – yes mom’s were hard workers. Nowadays women look for a man who makes enough money, get knocked up, then sit at home on their butts and ignore their kids and watch soaps. No cleaning house. No making dinner. Stay at home mom’s are now the ultimate welfare.

    • Crawl back under your rock…

    • Spin it baby, spin!
      LOL, damage control pay well?

    • “I think you know this isn’t what this lady meant when she said it.”
      What is it that you think that I know this isn’t what Rosen meant when she said it? What’s “this”? What’s the “it” she said? Can you be clearer ’cause I’m really confused.
      “you don’t take what every liberal says as words from Obama’s mouth”
      Do you have reading comprehension problems? Again and again in my post, I clearly stated Obama’s and DNC’s adviser Hilary Rosen said Ann Romney “actually has never worked a day in her life”. I did not even once claim that Obama made that comment.
      “Nowadays women look for a man who makes enough money, get knocked up, then sit at home on their butts and ignore their kids and watch soaps. No cleaning house. No making dinner.”
      I can assure you you will hear from (and get reamed by) Fellowship of the Minds’ writers and readers who are hardworking stay-at-home moms.
      “80% of stay at home mom’s I know are lazier than hell.”
      Do you know about the concept of skewed or biased sample? Maybe it’s the company you keep?

    • As for stay at home moms, bet the majority on welfare voted for Skippy…
      My sis is a stay at home mom & works her butt off – cleaning, laundry, shopping & volunteering at schools while also working from home. My best friend – ditto. They aren’t the lazy ones on welfare. And they aren’t libs.
      Too bad you know so many losers…

    • Why Sage, I think you may be on to something! Does “pasfather” stand for PASSIVE FATHER?

    • Hold the phone!
      Hey P.F. (a.k.a. Dumber than Dirt)!
      *NEWS FLASH*….It’s sooo obvious who wears the pants at your house
      ahhhhh……poor baby! Is wearing the PANTIES not as fun as it used to be?
      🙁 I have to admit, I bet they suit you well!! Pansy!!!!!

  10. Sage–now that our four are grown and out of the nest, I often look back on those days and wonder how in the world I ever did it!

  11. I stayed home with only 1 child. I was Mother, housekeeper, doctor, gardener,errand runner, cook, and on it goes. I got lots of flack from family members, and others because I didn’t have a paying job. Still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But on the other hand, My daughter DID NOT get involved in drugs, alcohol, or hanging out with the wrong crowds. Must have done something right!

  12. I’ll bet Mitt is a great Dad….because it takes BOTH parents
    giving 100% to ceate a loving family.

    • My wife had the same problem, probably because she took the time to make sure our sons had a good home and upbringing. People would criticize her for not having a “career” and this nonsense was always a point of stress in our family. I didn’t care what people thought, but she let it bother her.
      Looking back, it was a good move. Both sons are not perfect, but they can at least be productive and make money on their own. Ann Romney is an example of a wife that most men really want. So the ladies should criticize her but use her as a good example of what a real wife is. She is going to be attacked more because of this and it will only show that anyone who is not a “liberal” can no longer associate with them. I try not to associate with them because I’m always arguing with them and most are too stupid to learn.

  13. I don’t think anything is wrong with being a stay at home mother if a family can AFFORD it. I would love too but my significant other is pursuing a Phd. I actually am the breadwinner, I only get enough from my s/o to cover 1 week of preschool. As a women I am showing my daughter strength and personal responsibility by working and not relying on the government. I have received higher education (two Masters degrees) and a career that is going well. If a mom does not have the skills to enter the workforce and lacks the financial ability to maintain their children as a stay at home mom, perhaps they should utilize the benefits for a short time. This would allow them to attend school and gain the skills they need to enter the work force. I have a family member of twins who has never worked full time in her life and is now a stay at home mom living of the government and the small child support that she receives. the kids go to daycare for 3 hrs a day. She lives with family so she doesn’t cook or clean. honestly I am not sure what she does all day.

    • CW,
      Good for you! Hopefully, once your husband completes his Ph.D. and find gainful employment, you can be a stay-at-home mom who home-schools her children. (For excellent home school tips and advice, see our “Sage’s Bible Study” page.)
      My husband’s late sister was like your family member. Her daughter learnt well from the mother and has been on SS disability her entire life, claiming schizophrenia, although that hadn’t stopped her from marrying and divorcing, giving birth to and raising a daughter & son. The son is a small-time criminal; the daughter is a single mom herself and no doubt living off taxpayers because, like her brother, she chose to forfeit a college education with their tuition paid for by a modest trust left by a deceased family member.
      They’re the kind of parasites that our present Welfare State breeds.


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