Obama admin's secret war: 120 U.S. troops in Somalia

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Obama is some Nobel Peace awardee, eh? [Snark]
Never mind the fact that our national debt is now more than $17.5 TRILLION. That’s the official figure; the unofficial figure is many times higher.
And that’s why FOTM’s josephbc69 calls the US of A a “consumer warfare” state — a thoroughly bankrupt and debauched country built on permanent war and wasteful and unsustainable consumerism (of goods and “entertainment”), the latter to keep the sheeple in a permanently drugged somnolent state.

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0 responses to “Obama admin's secret war: 120 U.S. troops in Somalia

  1. traildustfotm

    And of course we need to ask which side they are helping. I expect we will find out soon enough that our “troops” are supporting jihadists.

  2. We won’t find out anything because they will keep this their secret, just like everything else this administration has done so far.

  3. Hey, hold your horses! According to our beleaguered Constitution, only Congress has the authority to declare war. For those of us old enough to remember, SCOTUS ruled that Nixon’s invasion of Cambodia was unconstitutional.
    However there may be a silver lining: President Dogpile is not supporting the Islamic terrorists there. At least, I don’t think that he is.


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