Obama Administration Preparing To Arm Libyan Rebels

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No need to send American soldiers into a war zone… we’ll just give their weapons to the rebels and hope for the best. What could go wrong?

Via Drudge, the British media tell us what the American media won’t:

But Sky News now understands the US is looking at a legal framework to allow limited supplies of arms to the rebels, if they can prove they need them to defend themselves from attack.

Mark Kornblau, spokesman for US Ambassador Dr Susan Rice, confirmed it was a possibility.

I wish someone would just unplug that phone cord in the White House so those 3 AM phone calls can be routed elsewhere.

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0 responses to “Obama Administration Preparing To Arm Libyan Rebels

  1. Yep, that’s great…
    then when the Muslim Brotherhood has taken over Egypt…they can use the Egyptian Army, and the American weapon supplied Libyan rebels (exactly Who are these people, anyway? ) can all support those those creeps in Gaza, along with the Syrians & Jordanians and Yemenis and drive Israel into the sea while Obama the Idiot dithers on.
    Great, just great
    I really pray that Israel shows her ferocity again…
    God help us all…soon.

  2. Empty suit is in waaaay over his head…

  3. That’s because the closest thing to military experience in this administration is Hillary being Sec State for the last two years. Truth be told.

  4. I’ve been pretty reserved about this whole situation -I have such a hard time supporting anything the president does that just about every decision gives me pause. Though I will say that I didn’t think military involvement was the right course, pretty much from the outset of the crisis.
    I was never under the impression that these outbursts were “democratic” in nature, or that they were in search of some democratic and secular form of government, like so many in the media have projected. It just never seemed plausible.
    Additionally, there has never been an identifiable leader among the so-called “opposition” movement. Gathering a rag-tag group of tribes together does not a cohesive movement, make.
    And the way we chose to address each of these uprisings has led me to suspect that we had no idea there would be such unrest; that we didn’t suspect the “citizens” could remain remotely solidified; or that the entrenched leaders would ever step down. Nothing was said or done about Tunisia. We talked a little about casting aside Mubarak. Nothing for Yemen, Bahrain, etc.
    So now we know that the Muslim Brotherhood was largely behind the Egyptian situation and that they are moving in to control the new government (and Army). We know that Saudi Arabia has virtually annexed Bahrain and that Syria has a real problem on their hands. Gaza’s firing rockets into Israel again and any Israeli response will surely spark greater, and more violent unrest in Arab countries. We’re dropping bombs on Muslims in Africa now, and the support we counted on most -the Arab League- surely played Obama by making him think they would be strong supporters of his pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey approach to new middle-eastern conflicts. We’ve got a new war that’s not called a war, and we’re trying to convince the left that we’ll be disengaging shortly after we turn the not-a-war efforts over to U.S. Army commanders in NATO. And the latest plan to overthrow Saddam -I mean Qadhafi- is to arm the “rebels”… who have no leadership structure, no training, and are likely made of up many of the same folks that fought against us in Iraq. Good plan.
    This can only go one of two ways: Either we fail to oust a decrepit dictator who likes to call himself a Colonel (not even a General, so I assume someone must outrank him) and his rag-tag band of poorly armed and lightly trained, paid mercenaries -or- we oust a 68 year old crazy, pretend-Colonel and his rag-tag band of lightly armed and poorly trained, paid mercenaries by arming the second division of the Al Qaeda light brigade. Lose-lose. We should’ve let them settle this on their own. We stand to gain absolutely nothing, and stand to lose a great deal.
    And they call this smart power.
    Obomba™ 2012!

  5. And how long will it be before these weapons will be in the hands of al Qaeda and being used to kill OUR troops. Not long I would dare say.

  6. Well, we could just beat the rush and ship a few party-ready nukes to Osama. Of course, if he is as dead as I think he is, they’ll find their way to AQ, or their Muslim ‘hood friends, or some other band of true-believing camelus cleaners.

  7. Tom,just read on Drudge,al-queida snatched a bunch of missiles from Libya’s arsenal. John Boehner should be calling an emergency meeting over this stunt obama pulled. We should not be there. Why in the hek are we helping the very people that want to kill us. John McCain can go blow smoke somewhere else besides to the American people. They talk about humanity,well these savages use their own women and children strapped to bombs all the time. This is all smoke and mirrors,there is a Grand Conspiracy to move the world towards global govt and universal religion,and our govt.is right in the middle of it all. obama armed Egypt shortly after he took office [fraudulently] now his arms he wants to send Libya are so they can use them on Israel. I will say it again,I hope Netanyahu turns the ME into glass.

    • Tina, in this case I wish I hadn’t been right, I’m just waiting for the day when the military turns it’s back on Obama and the commanders tell him stuff his orders. If the congress doesn’t have the guts to impeach him then I say the military should stage a coup, imprison this entire administration and then hold an emergency general election. I know there is no provision for this in the constitution but this administration continues to do untold destruction to our country and it needs to be stopped at all costs,

      • Tom,we are ripe for a military coup. Especially now. I pray to God,they would imprison this entire administration,111th congress. I am convinced the military brass has been bought off. Watching Mullen the other night on fox was unbelievable. Gates cannot look anyone in the eye. I believe this is the only and I mean only hope we have until we the people take charge,and I’m thinking its not going to happen.

  8. thanks sage_brush.


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