Obama Administration OK's Killing of Golden Eagles

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Feds to Wind Farmer: Go Ahead, Kill Eagles

Project to receive first-of-its-kind ‘eagle take’ permit

By Rob Quinn,  Newser Staff
Posted Jan 5, 2012 2:27
 (Newser) – A wind power development in Oregon should be allowed to kill a few golden eagles as long as it contributes to conservation efforts, the federal government says. Authorities have recommended granting a first-of-its-kind “take” permit to the wind farm, giving it permission to kill up to three golden eagles over five years with its turbines, MSNBC reports.
Changes made to the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act introduced the permits for activities that are lawful but may kill eagles. The wind company was the first to apply for one. Conservation groups say they don’t have a problem with the granting of a permit in this case, but they worry that the government may start granting many more such permits.
Not a day goes by that you don’t hear about some private developer that is not being permitted to build on his property or farmers that are not being allowed to divert water to their crops because a wacko environmentalist wants to protect a salamander or a type of minnow. But when it comes anything on the “green agenda” then all bets are off including destroying these majestic birds.
This should not surprise anyone, this administration has already targeted our economy, healthcare system, and military for destruction, and now our wildlife to push the nonsensical green agenda
Tom in NC
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0 responses to “Obama Administration OK's Killing of Golden Eagles

  1. Communists that they are, they’re probably happy to kill off a symbol of America.

  2. This is BS but not surprising. Can’t build an oil pipeline but kill our symbol…
    Waiting for PETA to blast this.

  3. The big “green” campaign contributions to the DNC sure pay off…

  4. There goes 40+ years of effort to bring these magnificent birds back from the brink of extinction. I hate green, everything about it cost too much, is toxic or gives money to complete morons.

  5. This son of a whore regime HAS TO GO! When are the American people going to stand up and tell these Sons a’ bitches that WORK FOR US, that enough is enough? They had better assimilate with US not US with THEM!
    We have let these bastards kill and maim our young men and women over the lies that they ALL swear to, WELL it’s time to HOLD THEM ALL ACCOUNTABLE. There should NEVER be another young man or woman killed over LIES and MORE LIES. If they Knew what was really good for us they wouldn’t have to lie, cheat and steal to try to make us believe their CRAP! Put them ALL on trial and get a firing squad ready! They think that we can’t get it done, WRONG! Semper Fi.

  6. He has no love or respect for America and her citizens. He is the true antithesis of what a good leader is. I have no respect for him or his administration. He is a true Chicago democrat-absolutely corrupt. Our Great Ancestors are rolling over in their graves at what he is doing. May God help us all.


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